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25 Horrifying Video Games You Don't Want To Play Alone This Halloween

Video games can be fun and help you kill your spare time, but that’s not the case for every avid gamer. There are brave souls out there who are seeking horror in everything they do, whether that means in reading, watching films, listening to music or video gaming. This Halloween just like…

What to Expect/Coming Soon

In case you were wondering about the lack of posts, Lily and I have been working on a lot of fun new things. Here’s what you can expect to see soon: 360 more words


Dark Gaming: Horror Video Game Responsive Website

I created this webpage using responsive web design.  Depending on the screen size, this site will scale to what the display is.  Using HTML5 and CSS3, I made a simply design with the content focusing on horror video games. 29 more words


Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #80 Rick Follows

Do not adjust the dial, your TV Horror fix is back.

It’s Evil Episodes #80


On this episode we whip through a short news segment that includes a teaser for Starz’s Ash vs. 196 more words

Level Design

My main point regarding effective level design in horror games focuses around this idea of circularity. The reason why circular level design is inherently more suitable for horror games is because it suggests that the horror will never end. 299 more words