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Writing Full Time

Ever since I decided to become a writer, I’ve dreamed about what it would be like to pursue my passion full time. If I can write 2-3 books a year while juggling a day job, how much could I get done if I had… 465 more words

Bone Tomahawk

Kurt Russell stars in an off-beat and gritty, AMC cable channel quality western with a twist. The twist rhymes with…? What rhymes with “trogledyte”? Ah, screw it, they’re prehistoric cannibals. 72 more words

Speculative Fiction

Weekly Writing Prompt Response: 6/26-7/2

So, this was the prompt that fought back – I literally started this about 4 different times. Each time, I was trying to do a fanfiction with it. 1,384 more words

Creative WRiting

2 Quick Rules To Writing Horror

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In my research for theĀ Infernous Trilogy, I’ve found two consistent pieces of advice to write the most compelling horror.

  1. Think of a book or a movie that disturbed you the most.
  2. 359 more words

Lily's Character Bio

So last week I posted the bio of my villian, Ryan. This week, I’m posting the bio of my heroine, Lily. Take Ryan, think of the complete opposite, and you basically have Lily. 1,740 more words

Sunday Horror

To some, Sunday is perceived as a day of lounging and relaxing, but one could make the case that Sunday is a day of horror, dread, and misery. 154 more words