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It is fiction, right?

I’m back from 20 minutes timed  writing.  Things have been happening here, strange sounds from a grave sized hole we dug for a tree last fall, now filled with muddy water, lights in the sky, owls hooting, boulders I swear were not on the ridge last fall before the snow, a flash of my stepdad’s plaid shirt, his arm on the arm of my wicker love seat on the front deck, its back to the window. 106 more words


New Normal #poetry #art

her neck touched by a blunted blade

it left her headless, what a shame

new body formed,  paper mache

chique her skirt in prison gray… 102 more words

Poets United

A Book Not for the Faint of Heart

Well, my latest novel, Forever, launched today. It’s available for sale on Kindle and the softcover should also be available in the next day or two. 230 more words


Schadenfreude - Twenty Six

What was she trying to tell him? Was she really trying to tell him anything, or was it all part of the game? Obviously she was a liar. 204 more words


Pretty shitty dream

I have this recurring nightmare where giant pistachios carrying daggers are after me. They’re not fucking around. They want me dead.

They chase me into my house. 117 more words

Schadenfreude - Twenty Five

He had been waiting in the chatroom for Norman, but Norman was conspicuous by his absence. It made him wonder, briefly, when she appeared, if in fact Norman and Schaden were the same person – that Norman wasn’t even really a guy – or that he was in league with them also (a little favour to Andrew for his continued indulgence of the excesses of the chatroom, a blind eye to the bootlegged material and the often defamatory rumours spread by that medium?). 550 more words

Serial Horror Stories

Schadenfreude - Twenty Two

Greg found him two hours later. He stumbled in to the flat, thinking through his alcoholic daze, that it was odd that the door was wide open. 379 more words

Serial Horror Stories