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Horror-FAIL Friday: How NOT to Write Horror PART Deux

How NOT to Write Horror Part Deux

Just a couple weeks ago, I introduced you folks to a “How to Write Horror” Wiki that had some rather generalized ideas about writing the genre. 499 more words

Katherine Silva

The Flavour of Spite - Eleven

She responded so well, I am certain I am right. She dissociates so naturally it proves she is born for this. I struggled so much more than her, even given my relative youth, when Imogen began my trials. 857 more words


The Hanged Girl - Ten

Susan found she couldn’t let the mystery go. As a journalist she was successful here, a big fish in a small pond who often yearned for bigger seas and to take her career further. 786 more words


Cycle of the Werewolf: A Better Rawhead Rex

Cycle of the Werewolf is a novella by Stephen King that was published in 1983. While it is not “traditionally” King-like, it still holds many of the tell-tales of this style and tone, while still being distinctly different from his other works. 639 more words


The Hanged Girl - Nine

‘I can’t remember all the dream,’ Lisa told Susan over a mid-week lunch break, ‘Or nightmare, because I think it was that. So strange. I think it was a nightmare but I also think most of the bad parts I’ve blocked out.’ 1,107 more words


Horror and Writers and Interviews, oh my!

This February marks the 6th annual ‘Women in Horror Month’. Started by Hannah Neurotica, WiHM aims to: female genre artists in gaining opportunities, exposure, and education through altruistic events, printed material, articles, interviews, and online support. 411 more words


More Reviews Of "The Flesh Sutra" YOUR BLOOD NEEDS THIS

“A genuinely surprising story; fresh Flesh, indeed! Burke’s dark, complex take on a “love” story kept me turning the pages and wondering where he’d go next. 32 more words

Speculative Fiction