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The Caller

Marlin James lived alone in a modest home, which was really no more than a small, rough grey stone cottage. It sat perched on top of a heavy mound of browned gorse and rock at the summit of Y Drws, a dreary hillock situated between two townships, at the edge of a frozen mountain range. 1,204 more words

Weird Fiction

Help Finding (Short) Horror Online

Some days you wake up and think, “I need a good scare.” Luckily, you have countless options at your finger tips. To help you sift through some of those options, I present you my curated list of a few favorites. 225 more words

Serial Addiction -- Your Weekly Read

The Fear Factor

Fear. It’s an instinct that appears to have changed little since we first emerged from our caves, or indeed since we first climbed down from the trees. 1,020 more words


A Short Bit From Corpus Paradiso

After slogging through disconnect and diabetic infirmary, I woke with my words wrapped snugly around me. I endeavored to write a difficult passage, and found it exactly what I sought. 659 more words


Talia in the Dark

The world ends not with a bang, but with a whimper, at least for Talia Gould.

She was an engineer with Crest Weapons. She worked R and D in a lab at a secure location two levels below ground buried under a military grade concrete sub-floor and surrounded by steel reinforced walls. 481 more words

Short Fiction


Brook’s interweaves a complex plot as an owner of a pub deals with her past as her family re-inserts itself into her life. There’s nothing good about her family and her friends are being stalked by a brutal serial killer. 245 more words

#virginia Carraway Stark

Weekend Writing: 7 steps to writing mental illness

If there’s one thing that’s ticked me off over the years, its watching novels continually fail to portray mental illness accurately, realistically, and for the sake of character not plot. 1,314 more words

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