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Who is Alex Inniss?

Alex Inniss is a horror fiction writer who jumped into the back of a Uhaul and moved 600 miles away from her Maryland home. She now lives in Kentucky and, after unintentionally dropping out of college, she is now focusing on her writing career. 22 more words

Horror Fiction

Mother Always Said - Update

For the month of September I will be writing ten 3000 word short stories for my Spring Death theme. That is about 2.5 stories a week. 201 more words


Till Death

     “Your mouth is a filthy place Mr. Ian. Thank goodness I thought to tape it shut.” She stared at the man, an exaggerated smile plastered on her face. 275 more words

Horror Fiction

Research! Death In A Microwave!

Image Courtesy Gizmodo

From Gizmodo:

“Well, I can tell you from experience being microwaved is pretty… intense. Imagine the sensation of being slapped on a bad sunburn, combined with an electric shock, instantly. 95 more words

Horror Fiction

Story Prompts: Megadeath to Survival

A star gone supernova 4000 years ago could scorch a hemisphere in the next minute with very little warning. Old news for astronomers and the paranoid. 141 more words

Speculative Fiction


Poem By Unknown User 666

I can still feel you
Squirming like a fat maggot
Somewhere in my brain.

By Unknown User 666

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The birth of a horror story

The inspiration for a good horror story can be found anywhere; you just have to look beneath the surface….

I’ve always been fascinated with the darker side of life, and I look for the horror in everything, in any day, in any situation. 843 more words