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Parking Lot Nightmares

Sometimes life is more like a car accident than a well-planned story.  You have to scrabble for themes and meaning as you undo your seatbelt to get out of the burning car before it explodes.   562 more words


Dracul's emblem in the round

This cirlular emblem represents the Order of Dracul. I found it mounted on the wall in the house where Vlad Tepes, or Dracula, was born in Sighisoara, a town in Trnasylvania, Romania. 327 more words


Me Pt 2

What is it about writing that terrifies me? I’m not talking about actually shaking in my boots-I’m talking about pulling together an actual story.

I’ve been down this road before and have come to the same dead end. 328 more words


Schadenfreude - Fifteen

Schaden/Lisa was a perverse creature, he decided, or maybe the medium of the internet brought that out in her. Whatever the case, at lunch she’d been almost overwhelming in her openness and emotion, but now, over the net, she reverted to her cool and elusive persona. 588 more words


Writing: Playground of Lost Toys Interview: Cockle

Just in time for the holiday season is the release of Playground of Lost Toys, co-edited by Ursula Pflug and me. It is published by Canadian publisher Exile Editions, and available in trade paperback or as an ebook. 703 more words


Boy Toy: Part II

For the first installment of BOY TOY, click here.

I have a theory as to how I ended up in the hole. But it meant staying the night at Lara’s again. 1,317 more words

Los Angeles

Writing Horror

When I prepare to write a review of a story or movie, it goes something like this:  I scribble some notes, on a tablet or in the margin of the book.  1,020 more words