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Things Kept Precious

My mother warned me to guard the things I held precious by keeping them hidden inside me. The only thing I held precious was her and I found it impossible to place her inside my body. 583 more words


Dark Thinking

On a quiet back street in Toonerville there is a haunted house.  Obviously four meddling kids and their talking dog are looking around inside, but they won’t find anything.   549 more words


Horrific & Relatable

Horror is a genre that has the goal of invoking a feeling in its readers: fear. Making the reader sweat, their heart speed up, giving them the need to look over their shoulder and sleep with the lights on for a few days after the story is done etc.But that doesn’t mean the main character, whether monster or prey, cannot be relatable. 796 more words

On Writing

A night in Salem

Other than a handful of news and feature articles and the occasional freelance job, my writing production has flatlined. There are a few things rattling around the inside of my head–an essay here, a short story there–but nothing that makes me want to carve out some time to write for hours. 224 more words

New England



By Mike Carey

Billy wasn’t happy.

His parents were going out for the night, and in spite of his protests, they had called Lisa to come babysit. 2,509 more words


The Caller

Marlin James lived alone in a modest home, which was really no more than a small, rough grey stone cottage. It sat perched on top of a heavy mound of browned gorse and rock at the summit of Y Drws, a dreary hillock situated between two townships, at the edge of a frozen mountain range. 1,204 more words

Weird Fiction

Help Finding (Short) Horror Online

Some days you wake up and think, “I need a good scare.” Luckily, you have countless options at your finger tips. To help you sift through some of those options, I present you my curated list of a few favorites. 225 more words

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