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I Used AirBnB To Rent Out A Room For A Weekend, And Now Something Strange Is Going On In My House

Modlę się do Ciebie, aby ten przystanek

The alien words stared back at me in the warm glow of the summer morning. Etched crudely into the soft wood of the inside of my closet, they reminded of the juvenile graffiti that was frequently carved on the desks at my middle school. 3,299 more words

The Paris Review Has Visions Of Satan.

And they mention that mini-meme about the “Kid’s Demon Summoning Game ‘Charlie-Charlie'” which some dumbass thought up to try to go viral. Do NOT use the Charlie game in a story or movie. 14 more words

Speculative Fiction

Women as horror writers

Today I am going to talk about a very sensitive topic, but I felt the need to discuss it with you, my dear bookworms. Everyone has had their fare share of complaining about how women are not seen as good as men in horror writing. 723 more words


Animation - Seven

I am watching him talking with a friend. They have met at the doorway to his favourite café – now mine (I even go later in the day and sit at the same table, the same seat and drink coffee from the same long tall glasses). 569 more words

Serial Horror Stories

A Character Bursts From Another's Eye Socket,

Other Characters Are Doomed On A Haunted Ship,
Another Plummets From Fathomless Height,
One Becomes A Creature Who Eats His Mother’s Corpse,
Yet Another Bursts Apart Before A Rapt Audience, 112 more words

Speculative Fiction

At this moment, I am so glad I write Horror instead of messing with the Hugos.

Good friends of mine are distraught about the Hugos, about the impending Tor boycott, about the whole philosophical bru-ha-ha in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. 904 more words

Speculative Fiction

FREE ARC of Devil's Nightmare (Forsaken Edition)

That’s right. You read the headline correctly. My manager and I are looking for some folks who are interested in getting their hands on this awesome new Forsaken Edition of my Amazon best-selling supernatural occult horror… 532 more words