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Now Available - Boxes of Blood

If you love reading horror, you’ll want to place an order with Red Cape Publishing! They have a large selection of anthologies, novellas, and full length novels. 23 more words



The radio display warms the interior of the car with an orange glow, and you are the only one on the highway. You’re taking a weird route home—we usually pass this turn off and take the long way—but you’ve taken this turn off that winds through the bush. 1,471 more words

Reviews Needed: Your Opinion is Very Important to Me!

The Haunting of Cabin Green has been out for almost three weeks now (where did the time go?). The response in terms of sales and Kindle Unlimited page reads has been astronomical, and I’m so grateful to all of you! 323 more words


D̦E̷̗͇̲̗̝̬ͅA̦̝̬̟͞D ̡̜̪̰̦̭̳S͔̳͕͝R͕Ś̳̳̖̦̳̹ͅ

Just found out that I need to upgrade my account from free to be able to upload videos, so until then I’m going to just put links the videos through these blog posts. 131 more words

Horror Writing

My Ramblings on Internet Horror: Creepypasta, NoSleep, and Ashcan Horror

Before I properly start, I want full transparency. I am not scripting this at all, this is pretty much a string of thoughts that I’m putting down on digital paper at about three in the morning while listening to David, Allen, and DP talk about safe words in the first part of their UCA of Borrasca. 3,815 more words

Horror Writing

Violent Violet

(My first try at Erotic Horror, and the third entry into my Bouquet series. This story is meant for readers 18 and up.)

Violet felt Tim’s arm wrap around her shoulder as the killer crept closer to the teen’s cabin on screen, the two of them swapping spit as they started to almost tear their clothes off. 1,848 more words

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Flemming Unit #39: Little Lies

(This story was part of the Flemming Storage Unit project, which is sort of up in the air right now due to complications. I’ve decided to post the story here.) 3,648 more words

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