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SHARKEY AND THE JABBERWOCK – Chapter 1 - “Friday Night” by Richard F. Yates

Chapter 1 – “Friday Night”

The overhead light had been torn from the ceiling during the incident, so the first team in the room had grabbed a pair of halogen flood lamps, which were too bright for the small space once they were turned on, while simultaneously creating huge swathes of deep shadow. 750 more words


Theatre of the Damned

“Why would the new theatre give us seven complimentary tickets for the grand opening?” Linda inquired, “What makes us so special?”

“Why question a good thing?” Gerald grumbled, “I don’t have much in life to look forward to. 397 more words

My Writing

Camera Obscura (2017, dir. Aaron B Koontz)

A Gulf War veteran with PSTD returns to photography, but soon starts to doubt reality. Arty horror, initially with something interesting to say about PTSD, but which soon gets lost in reality/illusion and in awkward, overly-complex and slow storytelling.

Eamonn's Reviews

Time's Up

My Grandfather fixes clocks. He used to do it for a living, but now I think he just does it for fun. He says it keeps his hands busy and his mind alert now that he’s so old.  342 more words

Creative Writing


Dragon Ball Evolution is still the worst live-action adaptation of a popular anime series; but this here is also even more insulting! A high school student named Light Turner discovers a mysterious notebook that has the power to kill anyone whose name is written within its pages, and launches a secret crusade to rid the world of criminals. 73 more words



I was on my way to my birthplace after a long time. I made a list of places where I wanted to visit. The topmost word was ‘Home’. 757 more words


Unholy Revelations

Last year I self-published Unholy Revelations, a 15,000 word short story, on Amazon & a few other sites. I didn’t have any goals in mind, it was simply to get a feel for the basics of self-publishing. 77 more words