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PLOT       A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that’s marked for death. 7 more words

Comic-Con release 'Jigsaw' trailer, and it has left us with a few burning questions

Jigsaw is back, and so is Tobin Bell too some degree. The eighth film in the gruesome Saw franchise has got a release date and now, a trailer thanks to San Diego’s Comic-Con. 116 more words


It Comes at Night, and The Adventures of the American Rabbit dual review

So some bad news and good news first.  The bad news, I got fired from my full-time job.  The good news, I can blog more.  And I wanted to do 2 films, not because of the special occasion, but because one of these films is so damn bleak that I needed something ridiculously cheery to raise my spirits.  1,694 more words


Worse Nightmare

It’s about time we saw some of my not-so-little leggy relatives on here.

I think something like this happened to my partner the other day – I wasn’t paying that much attention but I noticed there was an emergency stop and some general yelling before the driver’s seat was rapidly evacuated. 29 more words

THE DOLL 2 “Teror Terbaru Dari Boneka Sabrina”

Review The Doll 2
Score : 3.0/5
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Tahun : 2017
Durasi : 117 Menit
Sutradara : Rocky Soraya

“Teror Terbaru Dari Boneka Sabrina” 557 more words

Hot Review

The Walking Dead eat fans at 2017 Comic-Con!

If you are nervous or squeamish, don’t look at these photos or read the captions. I’m warning you. It’s all quite gruesome.

The events you are about to witness happened today at 2017 San Diego Comic-Con. 279 more words

Jigsaw - Brand New Trailer!

If there are anything that is more annoying than reboots and remakes, it’s sequels to long played out horrors. For the Saw franchise, which should’ve wrapped up by the third film, here’s another sequel – … 45 more words

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