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Twisted Tales: Castle the Cannibal

Jim Castle wiped the last piece of meat through a pool of gravy and sat there chewing, slowly. He looked to his wife and wondered what he was going to do with the rest of her. 1,046 more words


BITE - indie horror feature - background extra!

I was so excited to be a background performer in the hit indie horror feature film from Black Fawn Films in December 2014.  I played in a crowd scene and it was so much fun.  54 more words


Ghosts: The Ghosts of Westminster College!

Readers, this caught my eye because I know people who studied here! Must ask if they ever saw ghosts!  Anyway – here’s a vicarious look at the campus haunts! 20 more words

31 Days of Horror 11/31, The Blair Witch Project

When this came out in 1999, I wasn’t quite 13 yet and definitely wasn’t allowed to see horror movies in the theater alone, so I missed this one, and over the years, as I got into horror, I saw a lot of found footage, but never made it back around to the one that really sparked the craze, until now. 126 more words


A Teeming #HorrorHaikuesday

To Inspire You:

From my #Inktober Adventures :-)

 The experiment
was going well, all too well.
Now. How to stop them?

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You: 318 more words


Kate's Review: "You Should Have Left"

Book: “You Should Have Left” by Daniel Kehlmann, Ross Benjamin (Translator)

Publishing Info: Pantheon Books, June 2017

Where Did I Get This Book: The library! 1,050 more words

Kate's Reviews

Summary For My Short Story Series: Traces

Author’s note: As it is October, I have decided to try to write a psychological thriller that can actually be scary. Up until this point, I have mainly been writing things like mysteries. 297 more words

Short Stories