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Spot-Lit for September 2015

Love-him-or-love-to-hate-him, the “Great American Novelist,” Jonathan Franzen is back with Purity, a novel of family secrets, complex characters and questionable intentions.

In other family-centered storytelling, … 274 more words


Jimbo Donnelly

Glock… Glock… Glock

1:22 am and the floor was abuzz with tittering; clinking empty wine glasses; winning machines (oh, how distant!) and Jimbo’s indignation.  An obese woman, donning her lucky-red scarf, took up residence at his machine as he got to the elevator corridor. 88 more words

#1linerWeds: Really Short Fiction 3

The coroner didn’t like covering up his mistakes like this, but when he put the last cement block in place, he felt a bit of admiration at his handiwork; not even a muffled scream could be heard from the person trapped inside. 29 more words

Linda G. Hill

An Excerpt from Facing The Music!

The free giveaway for Facing The Music continues on Amazon!  For a glimpse at what you’re missing, take a look below the fold. 731 more words


INTERVIEW: Tamsin Silver Talks About "Mark of the Necromancer"

Sooo… here’s the thing.  In the words of Raj Koothrapali, I’m a sucky sucky friend.  This post was supposed to be up on Tuesday, Sept. 1st before my buddy Tamsin Silver left for DragonCon.  1,986 more words


Paranormal Island 2 - Twenty Faces and Akechi's Past

We get the full story with Twenty Faces and Akechi and probably the reason why he join the police.

My Thoughts:
We are back to the past again however this time it’s Akechi and the beginning of Twenty-Faces which was his friend Namikoshi. 64 more words


Working With Editors: Eliminate Forms of "To Be" & "Had"

I’m currently working on the corrections my horror/thriller short story, “Blue Lights,” which will appear in an anthology edited by John Hartness. I figured I would write a few posts about some of the things I’m working on during the editing process. 1,517 more words