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AM13 Outbreak Series by Samie Sands

Series: AM13 Outbreak Series
Author: Samie Sands
Genre: Horror


Book 3

Writing books about the horrors of the zombie apocalypse is one thing—but Georgie Blake can’t believe it has become her reality… 1,845 more words



Drunk, again. I was being the alcoholic that I used to be, using this drug to escape from all my realities that had shattered into a million pieces. 752 more words


I Didn't Kill My Family

Warning: This post may contain disturbing images and scenes. It is purely fictional, and is inspired by multiple works of art, literature, television shows, and movies. 338 more words

When Purity is Less Than Pure

After figuring out that Reinheit by Thomas Flowers is a novel which has descriptions of German (Einzatsgruppen) wartime atrocities, it was interesting for me to know where the name came from. 658 more words

Reviewed Books

Arthur Griffin, Zombie Apocalypse Survivor

An illustration of a zombie apocalypse survivor character for any such setting.

When the initial zombie outbreak happens, it doesn’t really matter if you’re an experienced prepper just itching for such an eventuality, a teacher wondering why the children are so menacing and pale today, a paramedic with the busiest (and most dangerous) day of their career or a plaing old business man having a lunch celebrating closing a deal. 45 more words


Stop following me... (Incidence no. 14)

A few days have passed since my re-encounter with the smell.

Putrifying and rancid. Purely, rotten meat.

Months ago, I was at my aunt’s place when it happened first. 91 more words