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Modeling and Models

Tonight on the show it’s a mix of Models and Modeling. First we have Alternative Goth Model Jenny Biatch on the show with us. Talking about her career and style of modeling. 47 more words


Short Story: "Village" By C. A. Brown

It had probably appeared in a film. That is, if films were even known about here. I’d like to think that if anyone showed up with a camcorder, they’d probably have to explain the whole concept of “moving pictures” to the people who gathered in awe around the new-fangled “horseless carriage” that had just ground to a halt on the side of the street. 993 more words


"Veronica" (2017, Sandra Escacena, Paco Plaza)

Grade B+

Loosely based on true events, “Veronica” stars Sandra Escancena as a teen girl who uses a Ouija board with her friends to summon the spirit of her father.  147 more words


Film Recensie: Insidious (2010)

Titel: Insidious

Regisseur: James Wan

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne en Ty Simpkins

Speelduur: 103 minuten

Genre: Horror / Thriller


Josh (Patrick Wilson) en Renai (Rose Byrne) zijn een gelukkig koppel met kinderen dat verhuist naar een nieuwe woning. 85 more words

All Of The Above

Book Review - The Rib From Which I Remake the World by Ed Kurtz

Ed Kurtz’s The Rib From Which I Remake the World is, in a word, awesome! OK, so it takes its time to get going, but even so there was never a feeling of ‘come on, get on with it.’ The setting of small town America during World War II had me engrossed from the very start. 588 more words


Hungry Ghost Realm

“Please help me,” Jackie dragged herself to the curb. “I haven’t eaten in days. I’m not on drugs! I can prove it! My boyfriend kicked me out!” She collapsed in front of a man in a sports car. 259 more words

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