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Synopsis – A priest and two Vatican exorcists must do battle with an ancient satanic force to save the soul of a young woman.

My Take – 1,124 more words


Requiem for the Dead

He hides nocturnal eyes behind a pale hand, an almost transparent barrier between he and the startling neon. The jigsaw of light is almost too much for the hunter to bear. 197 more words



There’s really nothing like relaxing at the cottage during summer break with your friends, is there? The cool air and the feeling of being away from society… 1,013 more words


Greece, But Not As You Know It!

This Weeks Prompt: 3. The shores of Attica respond in song to the waves of the Aegean.
Alright, so proper nouns: Attica is part of Greece, namely the region around Athens. 491 more words


'Handjob Cabin' Is The Fake Horror Movie Trailer The Internet Deserves

This Handjob Cabin trailer is so well-framed as a parody that it’s hard to believe the Wayans brothers don’t suddenly pop into frame. Such a well-worn concept could easily be stretched to a full-length feature, given the number of horror films that take place in a secluded cabin away from the trappings of the world at large. 157 more words


Check In Time!

Ding! Ding!
It’s check in time!

We lived in the Murder House… escaped the Asylum… protected the Coven and went to the Freak Show… and now it’s time to check in at the Hotel! 667 more words


The IX of Dead Sticks

It began around 5 AM, when Sister Madly was awakened by this cryptic message:

“Err n and I want to ws ‘ll err I’m here to westv xxx and bj ask.” 740 more words