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DD – Q: How do you find the Everweer? A: Not by looking for them.

We started our search with a good theory. Since Everweer were supposed to be pretty common, if we stayed in big crowded public places we were bound to see one eventually; and we were most likely to run into friendlies. 364 more words


Poetry - The Pantoum

In my quest to learn more about poetry I have attempted the Pantoum. This particular form, apparently, has its origins in Malay. As in many types of poetry there are specific rules or traditions to follow, which make them distinct, and therefore requires a careful attention when constructing the verses. 325 more words


What do you want to read? #recommendations

I’ve read a lot of books lately, and I haven’t been able to review them all, or talk about them on this blog. But I’m fixing that today. 480 more words