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The Hellish Serpent Advancing Towards Yellowstone: A Haiku

The Hellish Serpent Advancing Towards Yellowstone: A Haiku

Slithering snake snows
flakes of pure sulphur venom
Grand Teton fissure


Carcosa from above

You inhale those vapid vapours from a flower

plucked from the Gardens of Ulthar

remaining heavy in body, the fragile self rises.

Drifting past broken deductions – cloud weary wanderer, … 33 more words


Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) Movie Review

No film in theaters today is more of its time than Unfriended: Dark Web. In the Internet Age (at this point we may as well move into a new age, given how different the internet is in 2018 compared to 1991), a constant influx of computerized content is the norm. 872 more words

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night terror

he stands beneath a tree in the pouring rain

when the lightning flashes

his silhouette motionless in the night

she peers out the window startled… 291 more words


Euthanizer (2017)

Cult gets taken out to the woods for some reflection and a spot of digging

Euthanizer (2017)

Director/Writer – Teemu Niiki
Runtime – 95 minutes…
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05/06/2014, 3:04AM: The Day I Died.

(Warning: Highly graphic. Fictional… or maybe not😎)

It makes for an interesting story now in retrospect. However, nothing was funny about that particular experience. 831 more words