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Good people

Surrounded by good people, yet all I could see were the demons they were hiding.

To only see the darkest secrets of a person made social gatherings look like a scene from hell. 27 more words

A Note on Horror and Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

There’s A LOT to be said about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. So many questions, concerns, opinions, and conjectures. In the essence of smooth reading though, I’ll be keeping this somewhat short and understandable. 651 more words



She’s everywhere. It is the dust that never settles, it frequents my every day; I attempt to push it further away but it’s not as if you can I’m always tethered to its mass. 1,749 more words


Dance of the Sirens

The sirens sing to me
From the distance.
The varying melodies
And the changing tempos
Fill my stomach with a sort of dread
That excites me more than scares me. 110 more words


Today's Art (31st March 2015)

Yes, it is another bone-chilling instalment of “Dead Sector” – the short daily retro sci-fi zombie comic that is “so bad that it’s good” 73 more words


Wacky Women.

  I am not sure I can stomach one more story on this disturbing topic….Wacky Women.

     And People Magazine on my Facebook news feed seems to find… 547 more words