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I Love My Horns episode four

Holly placed her hot coffee on the little table next to her favorite chair beside the window. She inspected the wreckage of her living room and decided that a little housework would help pass the time until the devilish hallucinations subsided. 1,017 more words


The Belko Experiment... What Even Was This Movie

Oh boy this one is a doozy of a film, by that I mean it was awful, I had heard of this film for quite some time as it kept popping up on my recommended list on YouTube clips, trailers and sneak peeks, I went in blind and came out feeling sick to my stomach after watching this, it really is a mess of a film. 380 more words

A solution for all those annoying noises detracting from your viewing pleasure. Apply liberally, sit back, and enjoy the peace.


Ad Infinitum by William Fripp

William Fripp has created a dark universe that blends the style of Stephen King with the cosmic nihilism of Lovecraft. The idea is intriguing and the imagery is superb. 424 more words


August 20

Birthdays: H. P. Lovecraft, Ray Wise, Peter Horton, James Marsters, Misha Collins

Movie releases: Exorcist: The Beginning, Open Water, Piranha 3D

Video game releases: A Scar of the Doll

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Top Ten Horror Remake/Reboots —

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