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Which Quorans are or were Amish, Hutterites, and Mennonites?

I would like to learn more about their use of technology. Obviously it might be kind of hard to find them here. 818 more words


160 Years of Change at the Corner of King and Erb

As the City prepares for a new light rail transit system, it seems appropriate to take a walk down memory lane to remember how King Street has changed and evolved over time. 928 more words

Erb Street

The Sunday Drive

Many of the cases I handle involve automobile accidents, both personal and commercial.  I started out researching the actual statistics of the number of auto accidents on weekends versus mid-week, but as so often happens, I was diverted on the Internet highway to the history of the “Sunday Drive”. 302 more words

Happy Birthday, Papa


The summer sun is unforgiving as Mary’s rusty buggy stops at the Trading Post. Her horse shakes his sweat soaked mane and snorts loudly. 88 more words

Creative Writing

Out in the Country

Besides the ancient temples in Bagan, it also has the horse and buggy rides for hire. A day out in the country.

Photo Challenges

Mennonite Country

This is a common site on a Sunday morning in the countryside  around St. Jacobs where I live. St. Jacobs is often referred to as “Mennonite Country”.

Horse and Buggy at the Drive-Thru

As my prior physician retired, the new one I found is in a nearby small town with a heavily prevalent Amish population, so while this is probably something people at the Dairy Sweet see everyday, for a city dweller like me it is unique to a horse and buggy in a drive-thru while you are dining in the dining room.

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