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Homeopathy and a Thirst for Knowledge

Monday night, I so enjoyed hearing Dr. Robin Murphy speak passionately about homeopathy. Here in the US, there is such an underutilization of this wonderful energetic healing practice. 425 more words

Prescriptions For Your Pets

Pet prescriptions are in the cross-hairs at Wal Mart and elsewhere. Ever see me cringe when a client asks to get their prescription at 1-800 Pet Meds? 839 more words

Equine Vaccines

Last week I wrote about essential vaccines for small animals. What about horses?
There are loads of vaccines to choose from. Here are the ones I consider important for the “pasture ornament” and occasional trail horse: Rabies, Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, Tetanus, and West Nile Virus. 485 more words

Essential Vaccines

I have coined the term “essential vaccines” to make reference to the fact that not all vaccines are essential. More is not better in all cases! 784 more words

Cancer, Part 2 - Treatment

Let’s get practical, now. How can some dogs be fed old cheap kibble and live a long and happy life? I see this over and over! 889 more words

Cancer, Part 1 - Causes of Cancer

Sometimes it seems the universe sends cases, people, or animals into my life for a lesson I need. I always say “our animals are special angels with their lessons for us”. 829 more words

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The world’s best and fastest acting, equine sarcoid removing cream,
 is made by Clean Horse. 
By: The good people at cleanhorse.com.
In the equine world, few words hit harder than hearing the words, “your horse has sarcoids”. 1,329 more words