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[27] Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air – a Pictorial Blog about Winter

I started with Autumn and I have done Winter so next we look at the season of… 796 more words

2. Times

Shadows in the Park

In the Jardin du Luxembourg the horse chestnut trees are in full leaf now.  The solid blocks of foliage cast dark bands of shade and the low evening sun, reaching between the trees, seems all the brighter in contrast.   44 more words


Native trees of Britain

There are 60 or more trees in Britain that are native, meaning tree species, subspecies or hybrids that have established themselves without the hand of man. 633 more words


New Shoots

Green shoots emerge, expand, unfold or uncurl as different plants open their new spring leaves. Here’s a sample of contrasting botanical styles, seen in the Parc Floral on Friday. 84 more words

Plant Portraits

Happier times

It has literally been a helluva week in London with devastating effects on those caught up in the carnage of the terrorist’s outrage. In the aftermath, those of us who are unscathed resort to seeking normality in the simplicity of the everyday. 139 more words

Life Is Elsewhere

Frost Freezes Fields: Fact

Ah, now where have we seen this horse-chestnut before?

In a vase on Monday: sticks and stones

I have not managed to join Cathy https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com with her Monday vase for a couple of weeks but this week I have got some sticks to show. 135 more words

In A Vase On Monday