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Huliganov's "Doom and Gloom"

Original playout date: 7 August 2007
Duration: 2:16

Huliganov begins by quoting Keats’ Ode to Autumn in a lovely Autumn scene, but there’s a twist. It’s mid summer, and the chestnut tree shows both the signs of Autumn and the signs of Spring. 168 more words

Viktor Huliganov

Basic Botany: Bud, Leaf and Branch Arrangement

In winter it is common to use the pattern by which branches and buds are arranged on a deciduous tree as a first, quick clue to the tree’s identity.  177 more words

Farewell, My Lovely

The Horse Chestnut will be sorely missed by locals, walkers and wildlife enthusiasts (it was a favourite roost for the local Barn Owls). Over the last few years the tree has been throwing out new growth at ground level, so it should live on in another form for a few more years, but the giant has gone. 142 more words


Conkers - experimenting.

Experimental – this weeks photo challenge

I don’t  stop experimenting with my photography but in this case the experimentation was after the deed had been done, in the editing suite.  28 more words


Autumn Conkers - original pencil drawing of horse chestnuts

I think I am going to draw conkers every autumn.  The lovely chestnut colours are such a treat to do.  I have seen many paintings and drawing of conkers and a lot of them seem to feature the shell as well so I thought I would include one.  68 more words

Lacking in autumn colour

I’ve been out on a couple of days recently, camera loaded with slide film, in the hopes of getting some nice autumnal scenes. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be all that much autumn colour around at present. 62 more words