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Photos by Emma, Album #2

Rain brings out the green, doesn’t it? The heavy drops and puddles also force those creatures that live in and under the leaves out into the open. 31 more words


Under the Chestnuts

The horse chestnut trees in Place Dauphine are just coming into flower.  The twenty nine young trees (of variety Aesculus carnea ‘Briotii’) are still quite small, so the flowers are not much above head height.   136 more words


A stroll on a warm Sunday

The photos in this post are labelled for Jude, who informs me that she can’t read two posts at once.

Is there no end to spring delights? 128 more words


Out and about

A warning: I haven’t felt the urge to photograph the same thing over and over again since I had a photo-frenzy at Lake Bled. So if you’re sick of spring tree posts, bypass this one! 337 more words


Spring on the bed

I’m not going out because of this wretched flu, but J is, and he’s on an ID mission. In the midday emptiness of the park, he dares to pluck samples from trees. 218 more words


Flowers of the future

I read this challenge on Saturday evening after going for two walks with my phone.  The Future, how to portray it?  The photo I’d like to share is of a burgeoning horse chestnut shoot.  81 more words


Daily Prompt: Green

Yes, green, everything is green at the moment – almost everything. It can be a colour or a condition. At the moment, I prefer to stick to the colour, although I could be green with envy or perhaps be green if I had an injury. 811 more words

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