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Lacking in autumn colour

I’ve been out on a couple of days recently, camera loaded with slide film, in the hopes of getting some nice autumnal scenes. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be all that much autumn colour around at present. 62 more words


October Park - still looking rather green

Last weekend I took my camera with me on a walk round the local park to photograph the seasonal changes.

Surprisingly, autumn has been slow to arrive. 173 more words


Horse Chestnut

I spy the horse chestnut tree,

its canopy turned russet red and brown like new

school shoes, round toed and buckled.

Bright days bring crisp nights. 83 more words


Are conkers getting smaller?

It’s a sign of age to notice that many things appear smaller than they used to be: chocolate bars, coins… and conkers.

Hold on. Conkers? Surely the same trees, growing in the same places, can’t have suddenly started producing smaller fruit? 944 more words

Love Language

Life is not scripted.

We forget this, and also that others are ensconced in their own feelings and thoughts -and can’t hear and feel our own. 60 more words


2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 36) Found´╗┐

While we were on holiday in France a couple of weeks ago, we found some treasure… conkers!

The first one was spotted next to the Aeroscopia museum outside Toulouse (above), but we hit the jackpot in Carcassonne… 83 more words

2017 Weekly Photo Challenge