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When Autumn Arrives Early: Parasites and the kingdom of God

Autumn comes late to Cambridgeshire, but the horse chestnuts drop their leaves long before any other tree has begun to change its colour. Often the cause is the terrible and somewhat mysterious bleeding canker that now affects about fifty per cent of all horse chestnuts trees in the UK, but some are more fortunate. 817 more words



Conkers, the nuts from the horse-chestnut tree, are a real sign of autumn; they are the most beautiful fruit of a handsome tree, glossy and rich hidden in the bright green, prickly casing. 346 more words

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Manual 365/282/2 A 50er!

And this is the exact shot I had in mind when I got up this morning…

I wanted to find it in situ, as it was after landing from the tree then get in close and use the softbox to light the scene. 55 more words


Horse Chestnut Tree

This poem was originally written for Allpoetry.com

I’m posting it under the Daily post Challenge Tree

Horse Chestnut Tree

by Brian F Kirkham

Sat there regally, in his park, 112 more words


First to Fall

they are the first to fall

they will not be

the last

I had hoped to post my September Changing Season’s gallery today. Unfortunately I’m not yet done with sorting through the pictures! 91 more words


In the playground

We live almost next door to a junior school, so at particular times of the day we can hear the children; first thing there is a jabber of noise as they wait to go into school, mid morning there is playtime when they shriek like demented things, sometimes there is the sound of singing, then lunchtime with more demented bellows, screams and uproar, playtime in the afternoon, then the hubbub of the kids being met and greeted by parents and grandparents. 477 more words

Bits And Pieces