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In the playground

We live almost next door to a junior school, so at particular times of the day we can hear the children; first thing there is a jabber of noise as they wait to go into school, mid morning there is playtime when they shriek like demented things, sometimes there is the sound of singing, then lunchtime with more demented bellows, screams and uproar, playtime in the afternoon, then the hubbub of the kids being met and greeted by parents and grandparents. 477 more words

Bits And Pieces

What's That Wednesday

I’ll be honest here… this one tripped me up a lot when I went back later to look up its life history. I met this tree in Maine, on Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. 376 more words

Some recommendations for heart and circulatory health

In order to maintain a healthy heart and blood circulation it is not wrong to occasionally take supportive measures. Sufficient movement in fresh air, moderate exercise, such as walking or swimming, or hot / cold alternating baths, are true restorers and preservers of a healthy heart and blood circulation. 812 more words


[307] Horse Chestnut Leaves

The tree is Aesculus hippocastanum.

It has Guignardia Leaf Blotch caused by the fungus Guignardia aesculi, not the bleeding canker currently affecting half the horse-chestnuts in Britain.


Plant Spirit Medicine

“Plants have always been revered for their healing properties. In many cultures (and historically in our own) healers have very close relationships with their healing plants and describe having a unique communication with them as part of the healing process.” 207 more words

30 Days Wild: Admiring Trees on Day 8

I recently downloaded the Woodland Trust’s new tree IDing app onto my phone so I decided to try it out for my bit of wildness today! 286 more words


Do look up

It’s an odd thing that most of us live our lives at eye level and below.  We may look down to the ground in front of our feet or at the distant horizon but rarely, unless prompted by the sound of a bird or an aeroplane, do we look up.  237 more words

Flowering Plants