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August Again

“When August burning low / Arise this spectral Canticle..”  – Emily Dickinson

It is the end of what I suspect is my last vacation of the year, maybe the last vacation for a long time…. 308 more words

Horse Ownership

Equine Mind Reader

Something strange freaky happened today while Jigs and I were finishing a 9 mile ride.  We were heading home by way of  a rocky trail and 800 feet of highway.   258 more words

Horse Ownership

this moment

Originally inspired by “Soulemama“: {this moment} ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a simple, special, extraordinary (sometimes just silly) moment.

Okay, I’m no athlete. Jigs can attest to that.  He compensates.

A local trainer I admire recently told a friend he likes Jigs a lot because he is “forgiving.” The best horse for “your friend.”  I took this as an insult wrapped in a compliment. 130 more words


Heart Human

We all fall. It’s an inevitable part of riding.

Last night warming up for a versatility run Jigs spooked and I went off.  He spooked at, of all things, a board in a tire rut in the grass.  306 more words


Trick Training

The hard winter was followed by a difficult spring.  My insecurities didn’t help, but I am healthy, alive, and looking ahead to summer.  Looking ahead… 192 more words

Horse Ownership

A Day At The Races (sort of!)

It’s hard when you have a horse crazy girl in the house (Marie-Grace) along with a neighbor girl (Zara), but it’s even harder when it’s horse racing season. 560 more words

American Girl/18 Inch Dolls