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this is us

Throw back to some snapshots from Summer. I’m having a hard time quantifying our progress this year, maybe partly due to not going to a horse show and falling off, like I usually do as a report card. 203 more words


Riding double has never been his thing. But he tolerates it. Especially when one of them is really small.


I never know when a new horse is going to show up at the barn. Stryker turned up a couple months ago, unexpected by everyone, but fits right in. 125 more words

Fan of horses checking in!

Yes we have a blog.  We are going to post awesome content about horses here so feel free to check back with us and also

groundwork for littles

I’ve started teaching the seven year old how to work Midas in hand. It was time. We’ve practiced leading before, and it’s always been a bit of a struggle for her to not run ahead, or perpetually circle left because she wasn’t comfortable with how close he is when you lead properly. 209 more words


I stumbled on some old pictures while looking for something else the other day. Oh Midas, memory lane! Before Midas, I rode and trained a cremello gaited large pony, and rode a retired show pony. 519 more words

still riding

There has been quite a lot going on in life, and there haven’t been any big excursions with the horse–but I AM still riding and working with him. 600 more words