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Lazy Spring Fever

What winter? Barely any snow.  Then came March: snow, cold, more snow, cold. Rinse and Repeat.

The calendar tells me it is Spring; but step outside and it is not. 99 more words


What horses teach us

One of my dear friends sent me a page-a-day calendar titled “What horses teach us.” The picture on the front was of some sort of Gypsy Vanner with a spectacular mane and the quote “Great hair is the best revenge.” It made me laugh, and I sort of expected more horse related humor on the calendar itself. 359 more words

Bridleless update

What do you do on a near 80 degree day in February when you only have an hour and your fur beast still has his full winter coat? 104 more words


The herd BFF arrangement is color coded. The bays hang together, and the chestnuts hang together. Sort of. Only sort of because Maverick desperately wants to stay Charlie’s BFF and and Midas just doesn’t consider himself a part of anything.

the blue period

Apparently most artists go through a blue period. It’s because blue is such a wonderful color. So much depth and feeling and warmth and comfort and richness and….you get the idea. 10 more words


Windy day, freshly brushed mane…

Mice and Midas

Every week or so the Mice come to ride Midas.

He is now thoroughly and completely desensitized to high voices and powerful lungs that exuberantly greet him from a distance. 456 more words