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Green Friesian

I go back to the horse often. Dozens of reasons, one of which being the familiar shape which allows me to focus on letting go and letting the paint play. 8 more words

Cow Clinic

We went to a cow sorting clinic yesterday. Given the mud, ice, rain, and snow this winter, being in a dry indoor with good footing was a treat. 314 more words

Living In The Moment

Neck rein

It’s been pretty mild here–in between days of genuinely bitter cold–but the footing has stayed pretty good. We’re still working on understanding life with a bitless bridle–and I’ve started using the neck rein–holding both the neck rein and the reins as if using a double bridle or something. 88 more words

Attempt number two

I started a post Thursday I think. Got distracted by an incoming call or text or something and by the time I remembered I was posting – poof- my work was gone. 247 more words


this is us

Throw back to some snapshots from Summer. I’m having a hard time quantifying our progress this year, maybe partly due to not going to a horse show and falling off, like I usually do as a report card. 203 more words


Riding double has never been his thing. But he tolerates it. Especially when one of them is really small.