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Morning Light

These pictures are a couple years old, but I just found them again and I love them so I thought I would share.

Midas looking relaxed and happy? 6 more words

Willow horse

I set out to make another water-themed horse, and it came out as a tree. Trees like water, so I guess it works. (It’s on Redbubble, too)

the reiner inside

We made a discover in my most recent riding lesson: Midas was a western horse once.

It started because I was picking up the reins to show my trainer what Midas can do with the bitless bridle. 355 more words

This horse

Today was our second proper foray into bareback and bridle-less. The first time was quite spontaneous, and went pretty well. We walked in a circle, then I tried trotting him up the long side and laughed at how very quickly steering fell apart. 137 more words

Horse Crazy by Gary Indiana

A few months ago I read Gary Indiana’s anti-memoir, I can give you anything but love. When I read it I resolved to read one of his novels to see if they had more merit and story to them than the memoir. 270 more words



The local trails were closed April and most of May due to mud. We managed to get off property on weekends but had only the ring during the week on those rare days I got to the barn early enough to ride. 193 more words



One of the great things about art is that any time you pick up your tools to play with them, it’s worthwhile. You are practicing. You are learning. 53 more words