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One of the great things about art is that any time you pick up your tools to play with them, it’s worthwhile. You are practicing. You are learning. 53 more words

Pencil practice

Been getting in some grunt sketching practice. I forget how important that is until I do some and realize just how much better I get when I’m really focusing on what I see vs. what I think I see.


Spring means horse hair everywhere. Ev.ry.where. Also mud. Lots of mud. On the ground, on the horse, on the boots that will never look clean ever again. 15 more words

Liberty video

This post was supposed to go up in November. I’m not sure what happened!

I really need to make a new video documenting Midas’ and my continued skill development at liberty. 285 more words

Training horse or rider

Here follows lengthy ponderings on horse training. Because it’s something I think about. A lot.¬†

In 2009 or 2010, I had a chance to take a few riding lessons while the horses were on schooling board at a different farm. 1,774 more words

Lazy Spring Fever

What winter? Barely any snow.  Then came March: snow, cold, more snow, cold. Rinse and Repeat.

The calendar tells me it is Spring; but step outside and it is not. 99 more words


What horses teach us

One of my dear friends sent me a page-a-day calendar titled “What horses teach us.” The picture on the front was of some sort of Gypsy Vanner with a spectacular mane and the quote “Great hair is the best revenge.” It made me laugh, and I sort of expected more horse related humor on the calendar itself. 359 more words