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Volunteer Chronicles Part 3 - Red Flags, Parades and Lies

I bet everybody thought I was going to pick a part Manson’s latest long assed post which basically amount to a sermon on the mount for the village idiots.   4,741 more words

When Do We Get To The Rescuing Part of Rescue?

Happy weekend people.  I’m sorry I don’t have a catchy name for y’all.  It seems like all the good ones are snatched up.  I think `people’ is still a socially acceptable term or at least it was last time I checked.   2,287 more words

Recaps and Revelations

I’ve been procrastinating today.   Tuesdays are always such shit shows and today was no exception. Plus you can add the other stuff I need to cover that I probably should have a few days ago and it makes for a long assed post.   3,367 more words

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Happy Friday!  I hope I get this posted on Friday at least.  It would be nice to experience a weekend without trying to make sense out of HiCaliber antics for a change.   3,083 more words

Hold My Fireball!

What a day!  I seriously need to learn to stop asking rhetorical questions.  How much shadier can they be?  How much worse can things get?  Even if I only think them, sure enough, some cretin at HiCaliber will pretty much say `Hold my Fireball…’ and take it as a challenge resulting in overachievement in the asshattery department.   4,043 more words

Straight Outta The Lie Hole and Other Hilarity and Hijinx

I guess I’ve been slacking this past week without even realizing it.  Feels like only yesterday I put up a post, but it wasn’t.  My bad.   3,168 more words

Gimme Shelter Trainer's Event - Santa Fe

7.15.17  Just before we left Santa Fe, Jeannie introduced me to the Gimme Shelter Trainer’s Event at the Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds.  The Horse Shelter… 175 more words

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