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Going, Going, Gone?

I hope everybody had a good weekend or at least a better weekend that the inmates horses at HiCaliber likely had.  I tried to take a little down time myself this weekend, but the fuckery at HiCaliber is just too real lately and it’s coming fast and hard.   3,967 more words

Damage Control!

Bet y’all didn’t think you’d get another post so soon.  I learned my lesson last week when I let things pile up and then I had to write a small novel to get up to date.   2,959 more words

Ask And You Shall Receive

I hate personal drama and usually avoid it at all costs.  However, as things head further south with HiCaliber, I swear some people have done lost their minds.   1,845 more words

Turn N Fall

The last few weeks have passed so quickly, I have been trying to write this update for weeks! Thanks to Buddy on Sunday, I am currently nursing a hairline fracture in my left hip, gravel rash down my shoulder, arm and legs not to mention the bruising that is tarnishing my ego. 668 more words


Up In Smoke and Gone Without A Trace

Here it is the weekend already.  It seems I just get started with one post and then the Manson family shits their pants and I have to change directions.   2,773 more words

WTF Wednesday

Here we go with another lengthy and exciting edition of Tissue Tuesday combined with WTF Wednesday courtesy of the nation’s largest shadiest horse rescue.  I know it’s been a few days since the last post, but I was trying really hard to take some sort of high road and not nitpick every little thing.   4,591 more words

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