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I Want That on a T-Shirt

It’s always fun to delve into the bowels of this blog and figure out what makes it tick. So far, all I’ve come up with is illegal amounts of cheap merlot and Cheetos. 398 more words

Overly Simple Thoughts

Hump Your Horse to Show Him that You Care

Right and wrong are relative to perceptual interpretation. What may seem obviously wrong to one may seem quite the opposite to another. 1,672 more words


Bestiality: the how, the why, and the ... no really, why?

Eventually if you lie sleepless in bed for long enough, you’ll start to think about bestiality. Not as a life choice, but more as a … why. 814 more words

Random Thoughts

OotS Bonus: Sorry, Couldn't Resist

Title: Paladin’s Warhorse

series: Order of the Stick

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Miko/Windstriker

Contains: horse sex

Miko grunted as Windstriker mounted her, relaxing her vaginal muscles with practiced ease. 305 more words

Nc 17

Jan 6: Horse sex fiend awaits sentencing for bestiality

An English man is awaiting sentencing for molesting horses over a 10-month period after he was caught in the act on CCTV cameras in a stable in Devon. 114 more words

Animal Sexual Abuse