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What have you 'human' done for me lately

Our horses are pretty good in calculating what is in it for them. 

I want to share a few thoughts on keeping a good relationship with your horse. 250 more words


"The importance of riding in a stretching position" by Uta Gräf

Very good read – if you have a few minutes, they will be well spend…

To learn more about Uta and her training, click here 

Horse Training

Proof of therapy using motion 1

This is an eighteen year old mare who was receiving injections in the hock and stifle. She has had many different training methods in her past including jumping, barrel racing, natural horsemanship, dressage, and trail riding. 400 more words

Second Opinion

March 21, 2017

Today, I hauled Abby and Duke to get their horseshoes reset. I want them shod because we are on the gravel drive quite a lot. 212 more words

Small Farming

What horses teach us

One of my dear friends sent me a page-a-day calendar titled “What horses teach us.” The picture on the front was of some sort of Gypsy Vanner with a spectacular mane and the quote “Great hair is the best revenge.” It made me laugh, and I sort of expected more horse related humor on the calendar itself. 359 more words

Free Will Teaching Workshop

I was in Crewe this weekend to present a talk on Free Will Teaching at Rixton Dog School in Warrington. We started with looking at what free will teaching is and it’s four stages – Subliminal, Shaping, Active, Partnership, then moving on to the basics of FWT techniques to teach our animals. 220 more words

Positive Reinforcement Methods

Heading beyond good and bad

I was thinking about horses today, which I guess goes without saying.  Yesterday my young horse Bridger was a turd during our ride and today he was charming.   803 more words