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Trust Required

If you’ve never had your horse second guess your leadership or question if they should trust your instincts, congratulations you’re basically winning at life. As flight or fight creatures, mostly anyways, horses naturally balk at things that they find scary (and then sometimes try to run away). 989 more words


Photos my 5year old took today

Today we had photography on the schedule. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you probably know that I was a teacher, before I was blessed with a daughter, and now I’m her teacher. 681 more words

Northern California

Tips And Hints In A Horse Race: Win A Race Now

You might not know it, but you possibly can raise your profits if you set your cash for the horse which includes the finest probabilities of losing a competition. 507 more words


Tips On How To Win With A Losing Horse

You may certainly not recognize it, but you can maximize your earnings if you place your cash for the horse that has the ideal probabilities of losing a contest. 516 more words

Horse Buying

2018 Goals: Training Horses Q2


Despite my emotional craziness through this quarter, Champagne has made some good progress on the schooling front. Outings did not go as well, but now that my head is on more or less straight again, this will resume hopefully with better results. 990 more words


Spring Schooling Update

Taking full advantage of some more forward!

She’s been fun to ride! Still twisty-and-resisty, but we work together in a whole different way now.

It sank in one day that no one’s really going to show up and install any sort of shoulder in button. 193 more words


Are You Listening to Your Horse About His Feed?

In just a few short days we are already seeing a big difference in Diablo with the changes we’re making. We’ve cut out the SuperSport and Amplify and over the course of the next week or so we will get him switched over to EQ8 Senior instead of Ultium. 449 more words

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