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February Check-in..

Happy February!

Next Saturday will be my first barrel race for the 2016 season! I’m experiencing some major cabin fever thanks to this cold winter weather. 492 more words


Do Horses Self-soothe?

A long time ago I read something that claimed horses use self-soothing techniques during training.  According to this article, a horse who chews the bit, drops their head, or displays other signals that usually mean, “I’m relaxed and comfortable” might not actually be relaxed. 799 more words

Horse Riding

That one horse...

Throughout my life, I have owned and ridden numerous horses. I recently worked as an assistant reining trainer who worked with over 20 head of horses each day. 362 more words


Half Pass


Walk your horse in a large circle on the right rein. Make sure your right leg is not in contact with your horse. With your weight to the left (it helps to really exaggerate this at first), apply right rein pressure in a “give-and-take” in the direction of your left shoulder – a rein of opposition. 518 more words

History of Training (part 2)

Now we move to the ‘modern’ era of training. First, we’ll jump into Italy and meet the illustrious Captain Frederico Caprilli.

Frederico Caprilli – Forward Seat… 820 more words

Horse Riding

Stretches! 23/365 days 

She learnt this within around 10 minutes, maybe even less. Today she done both sides. This mare is extremely switched on and she absolutely adores doing things for a treat and praise. 86 more words

Countdown to launch...

We launched our Facebook page today.  You can visit it here. The rest of the website goes live on 1st of February 2016, but our home page is already up: … 21 more words

Dear Diary...