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5 Ways to Stay Positive

Let’s face it, there are tons of opportunities to feel burnt out and grossly negative about your training. Beating yourself up about small mistakes; faking illnesses to avoid going to the barn; snapping at loved ones – they’re all the product of a lie that you’ve been believing. 545 more words


Horse Training, Work-Farm Balance & Ray Lamontagne

So the paddock on the property we’re renting is currently home to our neighbour’s twelve broodmares. As an avid horse person, this has me appropriately giddy. 209 more words


Two Equilibria

I often see debates about the frame and movement of the horse.  Do you allow the horse a longer frame, in order to develop certain areas?  656 more words

Classical Training And Philosophy

Leg and Collection: The Hidden Cues

This exercise will build on what you taught the horse by circling and serpentining through cones…It will teach your horse to be maneuverable, flexible, and supple. 1,006 more words

Horse Training

"Horse Behavior and Training" Book Review

“He’s spooking to get out of the work! Just kick on! KICK ON!”   I have heard that, or something similar dozens of times. Dozens of times I have done it myself. 456 more words

Horse Health

The horse before the cart conundrum

Dressage appears to be one of the most complex sports in terms of how you train to achieve success whether it is in the competition arena or exhibitions or just personal satisfaction. 229 more words


So I had to put over 100 new wood post staples in today and pound back in all the ones that got loose in one of our smaller pastures, and I took my filly Sweetheart to do it. 585 more words