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Riding Out of the Ashes

The Disempowered Horse: Part 1

I believe it is time to take our work with horses to the next level.  While we used to rely on the horse for our basic needs, our relationship has shifted over the years and can now be one of seeking self-actualization.  1,166 more words


A Peaceful Equine Revolution  

I believe that it is time to change the way that we interact with and keep our horses. We have made great strides in recent decades as we moved from traditional methods to what have been called natural methods. 773 more words


Sunlands Training SJ

We arrived at Sunlands only moderately late, which was rather impressive given that the wheels had fallen off on the way there. Literally.

Okay, so it was only one wheel, and so there were still two very precarious wheelnuts holding it on, but it was the closest I would ever like to come, thank you very much. 651 more words


Oh Happy Day! 

Today is gong to be a full one, but I am mostly excited over one very exciting event…. I am going to pick up my filly, Lexy, this morning! 240 more words

The Lightbulb Finally Came On!

Eyes front! Core engaged! Shoulders open! Relax the hips! Relax the upper leg! Keep that supporting lower leg on! Relax the ankles and be ready to engage them if needed! 735 more words


Spring in late November?

Today was so beautiful. It literally felt like spring. We were crazy busy all day but I did get a chance to ride for about 45 minutes. 199 more words