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How to Deal with Relapse

Progress is made, but progress is also lost. It can be hard to remain committed to the training job and push through without getting discouraged. Here is what you need to know about training through relapse so that both you and your horse come out the other side encouraged and with the trained response you were trying to achieve. 1,232 more words

Retraining The Older Horse

The "Problem Horse"

Anybody who has been around horses has always heard around the barn about that one bad horse. The kicker, the biter, the one that will dump you in the corner quicker than a flick of your crop. 873 more words


One Of Those Sick Days

Suddenly couch stuck.

Some cold, or respiratory thing, or some other unnecessary road-block to fun.

Not sure who ordered it.  Sure wasn’t me!  Because I’m stuck at home for a bit, today is another photo bomb. 103 more words


Husbandry skills: hoof care (part IV)

In this series I will keep you posted on the young horse I am training in order to prepare her for the next farrier visit. I will call her A. 649 more words

Clicker Training

How to help your 'herd bound' horse.

“The bucket project.”
How to help your herd bound horse, giving a good reason to leave home maybe? The best horse motivator is food isn’t it? 1,518 more words

Understanding Horses


Spring means horse hair everywhere. Ev.ry.where. Also mud. Lots of mud. On the ground, on the horse, on the boots that will never look clean ever again. 15 more words

Pictures As Promised

Here’s where she is in the training.

Or, full disclosure, here’s where she is for 3 seconds in the training!

The canter is really coming along, which is… 207 more words