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The super power of reinforcement histories

A few months ago, I read a blog that confidently stated, “Using feed to tease a horse into the trailer might work on a sunny day with no wind or challenge, but attraction to food fails when the stakes go up. 1,234 more words

Horse Clicker Training

Make No Mistake - or Rather, Do!

I was brought up in the school of thought that, when training horses, we need to set them up for success as often as we can; that is, if we give them every opportunity to answer our questions correctly and then make it easy for them to do just that, we’re effectively ingraining those patterns into their daily routine and creating solid, correctly trained citizens. 712 more words


Classical Equitation

Classical Equitation? What do I mean by that? Well, equitation based on the synthesis of riding masters before riding became heavily influenced by Francois Baucher and his 20th century acolyte Decarpenty. 2,533 more words

Cavalry Living History

Read the Instructions

I’m not the most patient or the most graceful person.  I don’t always exhibit common sense. That’s not the greatest formula for developing and maintaining an equine relationship. 220 more words

Living In The Moment

Identifying Your Training Issues - And Comping Up With A Plan!

Let’s do this again!

Last training update post in early June, Current Riding Struggles, with many pictures was a hit, so here we go with another one. 526 more words


Sensitive Areas on a Horse

In humans, nerve endings are more abundant in the mouth, feet and hands. Just like we have sensitive parts on our bodies, horses do also. The most sensitive areas on horses seem to be the mouth, feet, flanks, and shoulders. 441 more words

JaVohn Perry

Mustang Collage

I’m a horse girl. I’ve always been. The first story about me escaping to the neighbors draft horses, is from before my first memory. I learned to read when I was 5 years old, and read all the horse books available in the library of my town, and the two closest cities (both fictional, and non-fictional books.) As I grew older I started to hang out at the closest riding school, as often as mom would allow me to. 720 more words

Mindful Living