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Some Saturday Inspiration

It’s wet, muddy, and I’m a bit bummed I can’t do much. Riding anything besides a walk definitely could end in a wreck. A lot of times I wouldn’t do anything on a day like today, except the necessary chores, but there’s a lot I can do. 92 more words


Riding Diary: 27.5.16

Not a heap of work for Cruise this week. On top of horrendous weather my cat Merlin has gone missing, and as of the time of writing hasn’t been seen for five nights. 235 more words


Horse Training

I’ll be further updating this subject in the next few days.

There is one extremely important thing to remember about training your horses.  When you breed two horses, once complete you’ll only have the pony left.  47 more words

Horse Training

A Perfect Ride and Terrible Weather

Yesterday was one of those perfectly magical rides that I never wanted to end. Even with thunder rumbling in the distance when we started jumping, Chance was quiet and we were completely in sync. 169 more words


My mini barrel horse

Check out this little cutie!! This is THR BRINGN SIXY BACK, aka “Stella”. Stella is my two year old filly that I just got in April. 353 more words

Barrel Horse

Wednesday, wait no.. Friday confessions

Happy Friday everyone!

I survived my trip back to Utah from Eastern Washington. Let’s just say I’ve had enough driving hours to last me for a long time! 1,623 more words


Calming the Spook

Horses are very sensitive animals. As prey animals, they instinctively are very aware of their surroundings. They know when something is different, and they can sense things we may not be able to see. 420 more words