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Riding Peppercorn

The thing about Pep and me riding out just the two of us, alone and together, is the total focus and non judgemental presence within me that I feel. 495 more words


Electric fences are the best, when they work. Unfortunately, they’re also notoriously cantankerous. While our perimeter fence is fairly impenetrable, our inside fences don’t always hold up to the steady abuse they’re subjected to by creatures of all sizes, and Field A’s gate decided to fail me this morning. 800 more words


Packing on the G(r)ains

So I said in Duke’s bio that I would post a blog about how Alana and I went about safely and healthily putting weight back on Duke when we first got him. 1,062 more words

The Feel and Timing Test

Now that you have had a whole week to practice what we discussed in the last post, I have developed a little test you can take to see if you have made progress. 597 more words

Horse Training

Fourways Training SJ

Going out at 5:00am to get horses ready for loading really isn’t so bad when God turns the whole sky into yet another masterpiece. <3… 1,284 more words


Long term goals

“ Give him a job, learn how to build on the horse’s pride. Make him feel good about himself… and I wasn’t just talking about the horse.” – Buck Brannaman… 782 more words

Another useful tool in horse training

Of course we all know how valuable a training journal is, I wrote several blogs about the subject. There is another powerful tool that gives you insight into your own training method. 450 more words

Horse Training