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This Is Who I Am!

My grandmother was Cherokee Indian and she called me the Horse Whisperer. Nobody would believe me that I would rather be out in the barn with the pets and nature until one of my little friends decided to not only talk to me, but let me pick him up and we took lots of selfies together, LOL… 30 more words

Our Funny Pics

Gentle way-farer

The gentle way-farer passed on by;
he and horse had now become one;
hearts melded by compassionate tones;
blurred lines soft against crimson sky.

Words by Stephanie Mohan… 10 more words



She works with a horse-whisperer and is using knowledge gained from that experience to put to use in human psychology.

Modes are her thing so far. 32 more words


The first Afternoon Video of 2016 - The bond between horse and man

I love dogs and I also adore horses.  I have never had formal riding lessons and it is something that I have on my ‘must-do’ list.  40 more words

Afternoon Video

A Set of Expectations

I’ve been thinking recently about the link between a horses behaviour on the ground and when being ridden.

Often I find that a horse who is difficult to work with in the saddle can be bolshy or tricky on the ground. 723 more words


How to ... Listen to Horses

Have you ever had the experience that you followed your horses’ lead and you found out something unexpected?

A story
One day my clients horse was very obstructive. 846 more words

Become Successful

Country #7 – Czech Republic: Where the Horse Whisperer Lives or the Ride Full of Joy

I think it was a true blessing to ride in that place. Although it took us about 2 hours to drive from Prague to the small village on the way to Brno, that was an insignificant price to pay for these kinds of positive emotions. 686 more words