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Red Dead Redemption 2 | 28 Things You Need To Know

I already know i have to wait till end december till i can play, cause my wife pre-ordered it as a birthday gift. But i can´t stop watching videos about it.

Video by: PlaystationGrenade

Playstation 4

A Second Chance at Horse Ownership

Happy Monday! Today feels even more Monday-esque to me than usual, because I’m exhausted and sore and emotionally spent. Yesterday, I moved my horses from Ohio to Kentucky. 839 more words

Transition Exercise's For Your Horse

You may have noticed or seen over on our Instagram all my talk about transition work. Well they are the holy grail of everything when it come to putting manners on Dante, that and my instructor gave me loads of homework to do before our next lesson   961 more words


I am an Equestrian

I am an equestrian. I work my butt off at the barn to let my horses have a clean place to live. I have feed up to forty horses at once, cleaned stalls, picked up poop in the arenas, fixed fences, carried water buckets, stacked hay, carried 50 pound bags of feed, cleaned brushes, cleaned tack, cared for wounds, bathed and groomed horses, and help educate new riders. 471 more words


Visits to the vets and poorly ponies

Things have been a bit off and on here of late as one of our horses has been rather on the poorly side. An intermittent runny nose turned out to be something more serious as she underwent two operations in two days (leaving us a bit of a mess with worry, to say the least) as the first drain/catheter didn’t tackle the problem, which was a little higher up. 100 more words


Survival rituals and the Hobby-horse

The widespread appearance of the Hobby-horse indicates the third phase of the animal dance. These strange creatures are possibly the last remnants of the horse-worshipping rites belonging to the nomadic tribes of Europe and Asia who domesticated this animal. 270 more words

Not What You Think it Means

There’s that oh-so-famous (and GIF-able!) moment in the classic 1987 film The Princess Bride when Inigo Montoya says to the Sicilian: “You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means.” 832 more words

College Equestrian