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Spread the Word: Old doesn't mean "Skinny"

Heart of Phoenix runs into so many very sad cases were a senior horse is receiving horrible care, and law enforcement, because they do not know much about horses, lets a charge slide because they are told, “Old Horses are Skinny” all of the time. 69 more words


Horse Races

Today on the west of Ireland the Connemara ponies still runs free on that magical land. The Connemara Ponies are in fact small horses. Over the years they have been perfectly adapted to the wild countryside. 227 more words


Chorégraphie de la Main "Happyloosa"

Chorégraphie de la Main or Choreography of the Hand.
What is sketching if not the choreographing of movement for the hand. Instruction that tells the fingers that hold the pen where to go, how lightly to tread, how quickly to dart, or how long to hesitate. 113 more words


Dream Don't Leave.

Dreams are something that follows us everywhere we go. No matter where you go no mater what you do they will be there. Sometimes you will think you’ve lost them you will go about your business getting stuck in the ruts of life and start to forget. 209 more words


Training young horses.

Training young horses can be a great challenge at times. However, the satisfaction a rider takes when their young one starts bring results can be priceless! 405 more words


Discussions with a Farrier ~ Can you use clip on shoes?

While away with work at the weekend, the social media famous clip on horse shoes came up in conversation. (If you haven’t heard of these, … 287 more words


Tiny bit wet 

The best part with being an horse owner, must be when you’ve stood half an hour in the pouring rain looking at your horse running in circles. 193 more words