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Inheritance Books: Linda Chamberlain

This week’s Inheritance Books are from Linda Chamberlain. 

Hi Linda, welcome to Inheritance Books. Can I get you anything? Tea? Cake? Chocolate biscuit? While I’m getting that, please tell us a bit about yourself. 826 more words

Inheritance Books

Side effect of snake bite on horse almost a year later.

Last year on June 16 we were dealing with our first snake bit horse. You may remember the blog, complete with photos, documenting the whole process. 88 more words


The Horse Whisperer 2

“What would you like to see?” she asked. Her name was Ummu, a management graduate and the eldest daughter. I was tempted to answer : A glorious path that may lead to sustainable happiness. 679 more words


Product Review: The Herbal Horse USA Heal Quick

In the recent years I have been much more aware of what I am purchasing when buying products for the horses as well as myself. I have never been one to purposely shop organic nor have I searched ingredients lists, but I do strive to use more natural concoctions as opposed to those that are full of chemicals. 741 more words


Rodeo is over

If the saddle doesn’t fit…

It just simply doesn’t fit, and fiddling with pads and girths is not going to help.  I had a great saddle, short backed enough for this mare, bit too narrow perhaps, and with a very tiny seat for me.  284 more words


Thrush Is a Four-Letter Word

My fellow horse enthusiasts probably cringed a bit at the title of this post. For those of you who are wondering why horse people hate small birds, here is a little explanation: 437 more words


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Video: Teenager shares horse rescue story

A local teenager has made this short film to demonstrate the impact she feels a training course at Richmond Equestrian Centre has had on a horse she rescued from ill treatment. 292 more words