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Exit, pursued by dogs

By Lis Clegg

A barefoot puncture was a new experience for us. Once the abscess was dealt with, what next? Can you ride a horse with a hole in its foot? 524 more words



Gallant and handsome

He sat upon her shoulders

Carried like the wind

Years pass old and forsaken

Deep pools throb to be taken


Silkworm - Heidi Taillefer

I have been crazy busy the last few days.  I have started my Greek mythology course and been surrounding myself in the Homeric world of “The Iliad”, thankfully I downloaded the audio book, so that I could be wallpapering while immersing myself in the Trojan war.  747 more words


Hello and welcome to Wednesday!

For many of you, Wednesday is a milestone.  To some, it is known as hump day meaning we are on the downhill slide to the weekend. 817 more words