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Big Two-Headed Horse

An idea for a story, perhaps? What’s your take on that idea? It might be awesome if this animal crossed the river Hemingway wrote about. Remember, “Big Two-Hearted River?” 30 more words


Victor's First Trail Ride

*Note: Apologies for no photos! I haven’t taken any more photos of Victor, but now realize that I should have. I’ll add photos to my next post about him so that you can bask in his cuteness :) 827 more words


Work Adventures

So my job on Sunday consisted of this beautiful scenery. Two one hour rides and a three hour Swim Adventure ride.


What Your Motorcycle Says About You

Yamaha R1

You are a natural-born racer. In another life (maybe this one) you’ve been sponsored by Rockstar to race around a bike track. You can’t be limited by your motorcycle; you decide what the limits are. 473 more words

Donkey Whisperer Farm's New Website Is Up!

Select Donkey Whisperer Farm to see our new website!

We are excited to share our new website!

Paypal is now our store as we sell worldwide.

75 more words

Bedtime Sketch August 23, 2016

Sketching in the bed

My pen trails off into sleep

Next day, add color.

Art Prescription:  I did this pen and ink sketch last night in a sleepy state. 23 more words

Show Goals

With the upcoming 3 day show this weekend, I got to thinking what my goal would be for this show. Every show I go to I have a goal that I strive for, whether that is getting clean flying changes, not breaking into canter during our trot extensions, or not jigging during the extended walk (the very bane of my existence). 276 more words