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Pet Star of the Week - Tucker

It has been a busy week for pet portraits; especially with the little mini slates.  These are rapidly shrinking in size, as people want things they can wear as pendants that don’t feel like they would drag you to the bottom should you roll your kayak or jump in the pool.  247 more words


The Greek race course

Sorry for the absence, but I’ve preparing tonight’s post. I knew very little about the Greek race course, so I had to do some research to know enough to write a blog post! 463 more words


Life Through The Lens - Part II - March 4 Image

This morning there was pretty heavy fog in the area where I was working. I had a few moments to explore before heading to the site. 20 more words


Crazy Weather

I know I’m not the only one who is experiencing the crazy Kentucky weather. It started with the big snow storm where we got 9 inches of snow, then the snow melting resulting in ankle deep mud, then more rain. 193 more words


What is the worst part of keeping horses in snowy weather?

Snow, snow, go away and come back…next year!

In our travels this year we have managed to avoid snow for most of this winter but we are headed to… 135 more words


New Adventures

What exciting news did you come across today?

Some of you may recall me blogging about some possible good news a while back and asking for some good thoughts for a positive outcome. 245 more words


Make it Blur

I have been taking a Photoshop class, and getting quite the refresher on Blur techniques.  I forgot the vast varieties of blurs that exist in Photoshop.   268 more words

Photo Musings