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Catch Up with Coco

I was taking a look back through some of our posts over the last few weeks and I realised it’s been a while since I wrote about Coco. 1,076 more words


To prepare or not prepare in front of a lesson?

I am going to kick this blog post of by saying


Why? You might wonder. Well the thing is you never really know what you’ve got until you start-that’s when I normally lay a base plan for the session, weather I am teaching or not. 267 more words


Woman with leukaemia gets married with her horse as her best man

A bride who organised her wedding in just 23 days after being diagnosed with leukaemia says she was totally upstaged on her big day – by her horse, who was her ‘best man’. 1,353 more words


You've Got to be Kidding Me

After the Simon clinic, I made the decision to give B two weeks off.


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Turkmenistan - Yanardag - World Champion

The Akhal-Teke horse of Turkmen, with its distinctive metallic sheen, is renowned for speed endurance, intelligence and courage.

It’s ancestry dates back thousands of years.  Some consider it one of the original four horse “types” to have crossed the Bearing Strait from the Americas in prehistoric times. 169 more words


Silent Whispers-Book 2 Excerpt


April 2018

Full names will be in finished edition of SW book 2

            “I’m going to walk around and see if I feel anything. Hopefully, we can find N’s grave,” I said. 366 more words