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Never Insult a Feller's Horse

You done insulted my horse, pardner, an’ now, I reckuhn it’s time for fisticuffs. Behind the church. When yer shaduh points thisaways. An’ Jesus isguhnna be there so you best fight fayer.

A Salute to Ben's Cat, PLUS: An Idea to Honor Warhorses Like Him

In sports, certain athletes come along and have careers that will almost certainly never be replicated. It’s even better when you know that as one such career is unfolding, and it makes everything much easier to appreciate when that career comes to an end. 1,074 more words

More than just tacos...

Mexico Baby!

Going back in time a little bit – I had to write about my trip to Sayulita. After my first season at Sundance, the wranglers decided that we would reward ourselves and take a little vacay. 515 more words


Eating Japanese Food

I’m going to try something a little different today. There’ll be no baking. Instead, I’ll show you some (well, lots) of picture that I took when I travelled to Japan. 572 more words


The Knight and his Horse

Every knight needs his noble steed. It seems finding one that will behave poses a bit of a challenge!

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The horse as healer: A gentle nudge back to health

When Ms Maria de los Angeles Kalbermatter lost her leg at age 27, she began to rehabilitate herself through horse riding, an unprecedented choice. Not only did she find emotional healing, she also began to impart that experience to children with different illnesses. 267 more words