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The Horsemen and their Mysterious Word

In the days when societies depended on horses for transport and the production of food, the ability to control horses was a valuable skill. Those who were extremely knowledgeable about the animals and could train them to work successfully were often seen as magical figures. 18 more words



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SARATOGA RACE COURSE: Analysis, Selections, and Bankroll (8/21/19)


BANKROLL: $766.10

Social media was in an uproar over the weekend due to events that transpired before Saturday’s Alabama. Jockeys made entrances akin to professional wrestling, complete with a smoke machine, and many people lost their minds. 1,454 more words

Rocky, Grace, Norman

Here are 3 of our horses that we own.

Rocky on the left. He is a golden dun gelding.

Grace is on the right: She is a buckskin mare. 115 more words