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Eat Your Words: Toronto Horsemeat Restaurant La Palette Public Health Disclosures

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

The summer of 2012 was one where activists demonstrated almost every week against horsemeat restaurant La Palette on Queen St. West.  During that time we started paying attention to La Palette’s food safety evaluations under the “DineSafe” program operated by Toronto Public Health.  829 more words

Justice Handed Down in Horsemeat Scandal

Whoops, that horsemeat got in our beef products by mistake, protested the man responsible for a fraud perpetrated across Europe that led to the recall of thousands of tons of meat. 325 more words

Dutch Businessman Linked To European Horsemeat Scare Sentenced To 2.5 Years In Jail

While we’ve had our own share of meat scandals in our nation’s history, Americans with a love of Mr. Ed and Black Beauty watched dismayed about two years ago, as Europe was in the throes of huge horsemeat scandal. 264 more words

Dutch meat trader at center of horse scandal faces five years in jail

Source:  dutchnews.nl

  Willy Selten gives an interview to local broadcaster Omroep

The Dutch trader accused of contaminating beef with horse meat should be jailed for five years, the public prosecution department said on the opening day of his trial in Den Bosch. 152 more words

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The Horse Sushi Sagas - Reblogged From "The Gadabout"

This is a reblog from “The Gadabout,”  a blog by a pilot who writes of his flying experiences.  In these two blog posts written several years ago,  he gives his personal accounting of live horse shipments from Calgary, Alberta to Japan,  which have been previously documented by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.  3,366 more words

What we say to the Joint AVMA-CVMA-FedMVZ Statement on Horse Slaughter

Perhaps predictably, and certainly not surprisingly, the veterinary associations of the U.S., Mexico and Canada have joined together in issuing a statement on horse slaughter that in so many words still support it. 1,164 more words

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Some of the Stans....

I was getting my haircut one day when another woman started talking about countries I’d heard of but never really considered possibilities. Turns out she lived in Kazakhstan  for years after the breakup of the USSR, helping them form their new government.  388 more words