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Release by Equus : A Guest Post


I’m Equus from Your Horse Your Pony

Thank you to StableStoreys for the opportunity to guest post! This guest post will be a fragment about a wild horse I wrote. 605 more words


Easy Reading

When I talked to the e-publishing company about publishing a series of books on horse training they told me that if was going to publish a series of instructional books, they wanted a minimum of three volumes. 658 more words


Pondering a 'postless' year

A number of my favourite bloggers have checked in to see where I’ve been and I’ve realized that a year has passed without a post. There is that phenomenon of time passing faster as you age but this is ridiculous! 443 more words


Go Away Human

A few years ago, I became the proud owner of an amazing beautiful Icelandic horse. He is kind and have a will of his own, he is the perfect pony. 25 more words

Getting Through the Holidays

Many people find the holidays difficult.  This will be a tough one for our family.  We miss Hunter so much!  Our hearts just seem to keep breaking. 105 more words


In Search Of Bombproof Horse...?

As if I didn’t cringe enough seeing posts on the equestrian pages of people selling worn pants and boots, the ones looking for a horse have me completely bewildered. 82 more words