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Art Foto Friday: Threshold Cat

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Effect achieved in GIMP, photo-editing software, from Color > Threshold or Tools > Color Tools > Threshold. It’s not black&white photography. There are no gray tones. 57 more words


Horse or goldfish? No contest!

Sure, you don’t have to muck out a goldfish every day, but they’re really hard to snuggle with and the darn saddles slip off their backs so easy!😊


Belts, Elders, Oak Trees and Gardens.

I’ve worn the same belt for fifteen years, ever since I started teaching people how to ride horses. It’s thick and wide, unadorned, brown leather, the finish of the buckle worn off ages ago by sweat. 1,476 more words


By the light of the full moon

As I went out to shut the chickens and goats up the rumble of thunder caught my attention. I walked to the edge of the back yard to see all three horses In a dead run along the side of the field, as the blur of hoof beats and snorting ran past me, there beautiful moon lit silhouettes dancing in the moonlight, bucking and snorting, sounding like a old steam train coming down the tracks. 50 more words


My Mustang Is Still Hurting

I thought my mustang, Lily was doing better after her last visit to the vet about her feet.  But as this last month has been pretty nasty weather, she has been struggling to walk again. 720 more words

New Blog

I Hate Cancer

When my stepchildren were young, I remember cautioning them to think twice about using that “hate” word….that it was an awfully strong word. Well I can’t hold back on that word these days. 342 more words

A Weekend Off the Grid

Hola Amigos!

I’ve clearly fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to writing frequent blog posts. Since my last post, I’ve been keeping busy with my work (more on that to come in the next blog post, I promise!!), as well as exploring a few other places around Nicaragua. 3,613 more words