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Moments of Magic and Mindfulness

Today I read another bloggers post about the magic of riding horses. This is something we sometimes forget when we get caught up in the training, the lessons, the expectations, the competitions, and on and on. 581 more words


Saturday Lesson, First Jumps of 2017

I already mentioned 2017 has started a bit slow for me, and only just this past Saturday did I get around to jumping Eli. Since I had been a bit sick and Eli hadn’t been ridden as consistently as usual we decided to keep it simple and just trot in and canter out of a 4 stride line (so 5 strides if trotting in). 230 more words


Not Electrified

With horses, if you happen to leave the power off the electric fence, they will eventually mess with it. In our case that trait is usually demonstrated by Legacy. 346 more words


1/16/17 The Stampede of Irrelevance

Watching so many old westerns on YouTube, Amazon, and my daughter’s NetFlix, I have begun to think and dream in Western Technicolor, or black and white, as the case may be. 2,659 more words

DNC Member Killing Horses For Insurance Money

DNC Member Killing Horses For Insurance Money
DNC Member Killing Horses For Insurance Money

this is crazy, in several of the DNC hacks, you can read about this DNC member killing Horses for insurance money! 16 more words

Coolmore Stud, Untouched Talent foaled a beautiful filly by Triple Crown Hero #AmericanPharoah.


Another Nap Update

Last time I tried to shorten Milton’s naps, he voted to continue [Nap Update]. This time, I had hoped that the attitude changes with the new food [ 220 more words