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day 20 - All Wound Up

Gone 2, Oh My Word! What is wrong with Breeze today? She’s behaving like some idiot Thoroughbred, not a sweet little elderly Cob. Florence is a bit wound up too. 425 more words


Pregnant Mares Pee More

My mare is pregnant. It seems that she urinates more frequently than when she was not pregnant. Every morning the corner of her stall has way more pee in it than it did before she was pregnant. 296 more words


Fun Photo Day

Fun photo day! Ike is enjoying the final days of his fall vacation. He has spent the week trying to engage Cigar in some roughhousing, taking his gate off the hinges, and pushing down fence boards. 30 more words

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Back on the Horse

Back on the Horse

My freshman year of college, my high school sweetheart Annette called sobbing one night. Since it was long distance and expensive back in those days, a phone call was highly unusual.   834 more words

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Miss Mule Goes to School

I’ve owned several horses and they’ve all been quite good in one way or another, some more than others, but I’ve never had a horse as good as my mule Ellie. 1,076 more words



Sophia is stepping up to fourth level dressage movements and will dance with my coach, Nancy Smart, at the Diane Creech clinic today. Diane is a Pan Am Games silver medalist and the trainer who started my beautiful Shakespeare many, many moons ago. 30 more words