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Catching Up

I’m in ‘catch-up’ mode this weekend, trying to do a week’s worth of chores around the property after my bicycling vacation. Tomorrow, it’s back to the grind of the day-job. 222 more words


Coming up on Vulpes Libris:

The Great British Summer is well and truly installed and living up to its ‘three fine days and a thunderstorm’ reputation. In the moments when the sun DOES appear it’s lovely, but the natives know not to wander too far from shelter – and there’s a reason, you know, why we British can eat fish paste sandwiches in the rain with such sangfroid … we get LOTS of practice. 129 more words

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Horses put a Spell on you?

Horses truly got the ability to heal people. They are fantastic teachers to build up your inner strength. Even quicker than an psychologist ;)

After my first lesson with a great German instructor,  I felt right away terrific. 131 more words


Wild horses of Cape Shiriya

As always weekends are for adventure. Today we decided to take a trip to Cape Shiriya!

it’s known for the “wild” horses and light house. Cape Shiriya is a two hour drive from misawa and it felt a lot less, unlike our other far drive there were barely any winding roads so it was more like a straight shot north. 377 more words



Okay well we’ve made it to the 7th mark with Nash.  He has turned out to be such a good little dog thankfully he’s not gonna be as big as his daddy, I don’t think I could take another huge dog in the house. 222 more words

Roman circuses used smaller ponies than previously thought

The recent discovery of a horse hoof at a Roman circus site at Colchester has changed our perception of the ancient Roman chariot races.

The bone is indicative of a much smaller horse than we usually imagine taking part in these chariot races, around the size of a Shetland pony (although not, as some news sources have reported, actual Shetland ponies). 91 more words

Week 25/52 "Reluctance" - Selections

Week 25 theme for this week was “Reluctance” Sorry for not posting the word before it was due but life happened. Featured image just sums up reluctance for me. 72 more words

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