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Leaping Forward

Batman and I finally got some good canter departs!

Wow, LWR, you finally managed to get a racehorse to canter.  That’s… actually pretty sad.

Don’t judge. 1,637 more words


Ring With A View

And then 15 jumps and 87 seconds would pass in a blur.
©Tom von Kapherr photography.com


Living for the weekend

Sometimes I feel like I live for the weekend. Which is kind of sad. But if you take a look at the following photos, you will know why. 1,500 more words


Product Review - Global Herbs Tendoneaze

Brevan has been on Global Herbs Tendoneaze supplement for a week now. I started him on 1 scoop per feed for a few days before building it up to the recommended dose of 2 scoops twice a day. 249 more words


Standardbreds Are Genetically Disposed to OCD

In a recent study of Standardbred racehorses, it was discovered that two regions on chromosome 14 have been linked to osteochondrosis, a debilitating condition of the hock that originated in fetal development. 291 more words


This corner of the web is dedicated to C & L Rausch Farm in Indiana. This is a 10 acre hobby farm and 101 year old home that are all going through a major transformation. 45 more words

Home Improvement

Art of The Osage

“Art is harmony parallel with nature.” -Paul Cezanne

The Osage is full of wonderful surprises and breathtaking views. Its natural art gives excitement to life’s monotony. 163 more words

Osage County