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International Day of Happiness in San Diego!

Today is the International Day of Happiness! Happy thoughts and deeds were underway in downtown San Diego this morning, just outside Horton Plaza. I swung on by to check things out! 65 more words

Midweek Fun- Johnny Cardinale at Mad House Comedy Club

I went to a new place tonight, just for a laugh (Ha, get it? Comedy club? Just for a laugh? I crack myself up). The last time I went to a comedy club was when we lived in the Midwest, and before that was more than 20 years ago when I took a roommate to a show at The Groundlings in L.A. 190 more words


Honky -- San Diego rep 12/6/14

I want to get a post up as quickly as possible since this show closes this weekend and unfortunately isn’t being held over.

The promotional pictures don’t do it justice.   133 more words

聖地牙哥回顧1 - 觀光客必去景點 San Diego Must go Places for tourist

熱門景點前五大 Top 5

1. Balboa park

公園裡充斥著舊西班牙式建築,現在公園的一邊被用來做為博物館,劇院,畫廊及餐廳. 公園的另一邊則有動物園,游泳池跟高爾夫球場等等.加上幾乎每個假日都會在這舉行大型的活動給市民參與,沒事來公園晃晃也會有意外的收穫喔

2. San Diego Zoo

位在公園內的動物園特別的不一樣,不像一般的動物園很少大樹可以遮陰. 在這就好像是真的在公園內散步一樣.不知道下一個會看到什麻. 每次去都會發現沒見過的動物. 平時的一日票是46美金, 不過因為住在這邊的關係所以買了年票(可以帶朋友進去的年票叫做Diamond Club).可以隨時去那邊散步,又可以免費帶一個朋友進去,十分的划算.

3. Old Town

因受到西班牙的影響, 一如往例的位於Old town中間的是個讓人們聚集聯絡感情的廣場,也是以前設立每個教堂的地方. 現在則被滿滿的墨西哥餐廳及賣紀念品的地方. 每個星期二這邊當然也少不了Taco Tuesday囉! 15 more words

Balboa Park

Historic Balboa Theatre adds beauty downtown.

It’s going to be chilly and drizzly today, so I might not be going out for my customary walk. Instead, I thought I’d share a few photos of downtown’s beautiful Balboa Theatre that I took at various times last summer. 198 more words

The Pianist of Willesden Lane -- San Diego Rep @ Lyceum

I saw this several weeks ago on opening night, but it’s still running so I thought I’d jot some notes down in case you’re thinking about it. 181 more words


Bang Bang with Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif - A Must See

Yesterday, I had a glimpse of London again in a Bollywood movie starring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif called “Bang Bang”.  I loved the movie, what’s not to like when it has Hrithik in it, and London, and music and dancing! 344 more words

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