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Fan Film Friday - Hoshino (A Star Wars Fan Film)

Welcome to Fan Film Friday!  Here we have another Star Wars Fan Film to add to the pack of many.  However, do not be dissuaded as this is one of the finer entries in Star Wars Fan Film.  134 more words


Hoshino - a Star Wars Fan Film

It’s a given that a fan film or fan fiction or fan art is borrowing from a property familiar to the artist. The results can be viewed as an homage or the lazy borrowing of another’s work, depending on the quality. 203 more words

A Star Wars Fan Film That Would Make an Awesome Canon Story

I’m not normally one for fan films, but this one was so well done that I thought it deserved a mention. Titled “Hoshino”, it follows the story of a blind Jedi Master and her rise to power. 34 more words


Short film: "Hoshino"

Roaming the youtube lands, either with a purpose or not, will eventually lead to amazing finds and true works of art and this time is no exception as… 29 more words


Hoshino Coffee - Hidden Gem with the Fluffiest Pancakes!

Date visited: October 2016

Before this visit, I’ve seen Hoshino around plenty of times but only tried it once for coffee. I’m super glad to have been invited there to properly try their food because now I’ve got a new favourite place to hangout. 709 more words

Planetarian: Episode 1

Planetarian takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of a city, some 30 years after it was evacuated. The main character is seen to be a robot, who has a comperable AI, but doesn’t understand what has happened. 500 more words