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I lament that I have been unable to post anything to this blog in over a month. Part of that was due to the intense-preparation I had to put into getting ready for the CNA Spring Conference, which was February 24-26. 305 more words


More Memories

I’ve written about my cleaning out my mom’s house.  It has not been easy.  Everything in the house is stuff I remember as a child…and I’m having to get rid of a lot of it.  518 more words

A Little about Myself

My name is Annie and I have been a hospice nurse for a very long time. I have learned that Death is a hard topic to bring up for anyone, but especially in a hospital. 132 more words


What does a hospice volunteer do exactly?

When I first started volunteering in a residential hospice 15 years ago, most people I encountered had never even heard of a hospice. When I told them it was a place that provided end of life care for dying patients and their families, they looked at me with a strange combination of horror and disbelief. 397 more words

A process is a process

Life’s lesson for today is simply this: Nothing is ever easy.

In my line of work, it stands to reason that things won’t be easy. The dying process is difficult, often messy, and something very few people look forward to. 645 more words


Where I've been...

Family Ties

Once again, I’m at this place. Staring at this disease called cancer. Watching it eat away at one more member of my family. The paternal side to be exact. 1,071 more words