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Why am I still a Midwife

For the past six years I have worked as a midwife across most aspects of care that is provided in the Uk and in Ireland. Over the years I have often revisited the question as to why I am a midwife. 696 more words


Our Twin Birth Story 

The birth of our babies was the most incredible experience I’ve ever endured. It was something I spent a lot of time trying to prepare for and thank goodness, when the time came, everything seemed to fall right in place. 865 more words


What do I pack in my birth bag?

The doula bag is a little like Mary Poppins purse. This giant bag of mysterious goodies that seems to produce exactly what is needed at any given time. 1,184 more words

I have a story for you. I want to share with you my pregnancy/birth story. I truly hope that this will help anyone who is pregnant, or trying to conceive, and doesn’t know what they want to do. 1,130 more words


OB-GYN Group Issues Major New Cord Clamping Recommendation


More and more research has said there are benefits to keeping the umbilical cord attached for several minutes after childbirth ― a practice known as “delayed cord clamping.” But 

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beauty in beginnings

beauty in beginnings

birth photography

Let me start by saying, these photos are everything to me.

This may not be for everyone but I want you to put all judgement aside and really take in how much of a complete miracle from God childbirth is. 100 more words

The time I missed a birth - Precipitous Birthing

When you hire a doula, you get a lot of perks. She’ll likely be a presence through your pregnancy and postpartum period. But for most clients, the real selling point is the birth. 1,073 more words