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My Beautiful, Natural Birth

It was terrifying, wonderful and exciting all at once. The day before (Monday), my midwife informed me that induction was to be planned if Baby didn’t arrive by Friday. 706 more words

Pregnancy Update

3 essentials for your birth bag

Head onto any mom Facebook group and you will see questions about what to pack for your stay at the hospital, and the list is exhaustive and overwhelming, so let’s break it down. 573 more words

Love After Cesarean

If there is anything harder to deal with than going through a cesarean birth, it’ll have to be the physical and emotional pain that you have to endure afterwards. 732 more words

Maternity & Parenting

Delivery After C-Section: My thoughts so far

I’m three month pregnant right now and just into my 2nd trimester. Baby #2 is on the way!

Two weeks ago I was scheduled for a routine prenatal visit but had to cancel because Baby H woke up with a cold. 1,855 more words


My eventful & surprising birth experience

Hi All! Its been a hectic week. The kids were off  for spring break and break for me is partially non- existent. I’ve been operating in slower motion, hence the late blog post. 684 more words


My Birth Story

Disclaimer: Blog post contains graphic, natural birth photos.

Dear Julian,

This is our birth story, as I experienced it. I hope one day you are able to tell me about your experience, even if it is only a memory or two. 4,561 more words


3 Reasons I chose a Med-Free Birth

In the months years leading up to having my son, I decided I wanted to try a natural birth. I thought, ‘What is the worst that could happen? 951 more words

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