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Luken Paul Bradley

What an exciting day this was! Mama was sent from her 40 week appointment straight to the hospital with a high leak in her water. They started her on piton and 2.5 hours later he was born! 28 more words


The Advent Writings:  I wait.  

I wait

with quickened hope

for crooked paths to straighten,

with tough-soul’d anguish,

while blinded keepers of the keys

shut out God’s own.

(If such a thing were possible.) 245 more words


Kyle's Story (Trigger warning - Still Birth)

On the morning of September 9th, I crawled out of bed around 6:30 a.m., exhausted and uncomfortable.  I had been awake most of the night.  Beginning at 1:00 that morning I was awake and crying with horrible neck pain.   2,504 more words


Totally worth 9 days of labor...

Despite popular belief, Spumoni ice cream did not send me into active labor. I ended up with 9 days of “prolonged early labor”, 2 false alarm trips to the hospital, and an extra pint of black licorice tasting calories…Which I wish could have been mint. 575 more words


Giving Birth and the C-Section Stigma


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Giving birth has nothing to do with pushing. It has nothing to do with contractions.

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My Lilies

I bought myself a bunch of lilies. The sticker on the cellophane says that they open within a few days. I have had them for 4 days now and they don’t seem to be any closer to opening. 255 more words

I Thought My Birth Was Normal. 

I thought it was normal that I had to be induced because I was overdue, after all, ‘many mums don’t labour naturally first time around.’ … 464 more words