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Hospital Birth Plan

When I was told I was no longer ‘allowed’ to have a home birth (which was rubbish, but hey ho…), I got busy writing an amended hospital-style birth plan. 1,171 more words

It's OK to be picky about your care provider

One of the first decisions that you have to make as soon as the little stick turns pink is who your care provider is going to be. 472 more words

Home birth or hospital

Only a few weeks ago, I was adamant that I wanted to give birth in hospital, ideally in the midwifery-led unit at our local maternity hospital. 1,265 more words

Birth Plan

quick update

getting discharged from the hospital after 44 hours of no progress. 

Still 4.5 cm

Still contracting

Tons of show

But Nothing is happening.

Going to be walking around stores the rest of the day to see what happens!   11 more words

Really Brock?

So here we are…

17 hours later. Contractions are still every 1-2 minutes but I will not dilate past 4.5cm. Because I’m 36W5d they will not use any induction methods to assist. 81 more words

Epidural Magic (accepting all the gifts of birth)

This is not a post about “shoulds.” It’s not an “either/or” conversation, or an “us vs. them” conversation. It doesn’t weigh pros and cons, and it’s not about decision-making, though, if you’re in the process of decision-making, I can help you find information, and, perhaps more importantly, I can help remind you to… 920 more words

Delayed Cord Clamping! 

Delayed cord clamping is not cutting the umbilical cord until it has completed it’s job!

What the Umbilical Cord looks like after waiting 15 minutes to cut it! 264 more words