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This is My Story`

In today’s world anybody has the power to influence other people. We are given so many platforms to be able to do this- its a gift. 2,309 more words


My Birth Story {Part One - Induction}

Happy 1 month to our little munchkin!! After 4 whole amazing weeks of getting to know her, looking after her & getting into some sort of dysfunctional routine… I figured there’s no better time to share my birth story with you all! 1,026 more words


7 things to consider when choosing your hospital

I love hospitals…said no one ever.

Personally, I hate hospitals. That weird smell that makes you think of a paracetamol and Izal mixed together (eww), the sometimes very visible signs of human suffering (I have been vomited on in the hospital) and let’s not forget problem that dragged me there in the first place. 911 more words

Axa Mansard

Hayley's Story: The twin birth of Tobias and Maximus

On Saturday 10th March 18 I woke up at 6.45 am having a few niggly pains. I asked hubby to take the girls downstairs so I could have time alone to see what came of them. 941 more words


Adaline's Birth Story

My baby girl was due to arrive with the New Year; there was something quite magical about starting the year with our baby girl. However her due date day passed by, which didn’t surprise me. 2,774 more words


Post 2: Birth Story

My birth story.

Why do us moms talk about our births like it is a part of history and of utmost importance?

Why is it that we feel so much value in talking to other moms about our birth and pregnancy journeys as if it was yesterday? 1,352 more words


The Hospital Bag: To pack light or to pack heavy?

Packing the hospital bag. It’s either an exciting task or a daunting task for moms and really it’s full of personal decisions.

So we are going to break down a pretty basic list of the things you will need to bring with you to have a comfortable stay. 358 more words

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