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Part 1: Our Firth Story 

Two weeks before Rosie showed up, Claire and I sat in the OB’s office and cried. It was one of those scared shitless cries where the tears are just the manifestation of self pity that comes when a great plan falls apart. 1,298 more words


Labor: Your time to have a cocktail

All right, maybe labor isn’t as easy or relaxing as my title makes it sound, but it can be an empowering experience. I say “can be” because there are numerous factors that go into the experience. 1,054 more words


An Interview with Hunter Clarke-Fields, Mindfulness Mama

Hunter Clarke-Fields of the Mindful Mama Podcast spent years as a stressed out mom. She says she “muscled through” her first natural birth. She spoke with me about discovering a better way. 599 more words

36 weeks!

Hi my lovelies!

Eeeek, We are 36 weeks already! That means one more week until we are in the “safe zone” and full term so they say! 585 more words

Is a natural hospital birth possible?

“Yes you can!”

Despite the stigma hospitals have developed, please note that it is possible to have a natural hospital birth.  The question is, are you prepared for a natural hospital birth?  

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Dear previously pregnant me,

Hey girl! It’s me, you!

Well, future you that is. Things are a little different on this side of your timeline, but I’ll get there in a minute. 1,716 more words

What This Doula Wants You to Know

Doulas are for everyone. At least, this one is. Doulas are not only for the earthy-crunchy, squat-in-a-field-by-the-river, no-medication-whatsoever Moms.  I believe everyone could benefit from some intensive support, no matter what your preference, plan, or non-plan is. 1,062 more words