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My 2nd Pregnancy

I got a positive test on Eric’s birthday, right after he had left for work.

Holy balls again!

You could barely see the faint line, but not to be undone, I got a good photo of it, anyway and texted Eric. 2,417 more words


My 1st Pregnancy

When I read the positive pregnancy test, I burst into tears.

We were homeless and my long term boyfriend was a ravenous piece of shit. Of course, I know that now. 1,851 more words


An Open Letter to the Expecting Mother

Dear Mama,

First, I would like to say you are beautiful. You look perfect. And no matter what anyone else says, you are doing a beautiful thing for your family, for your child, and for all of humanity, really. 1,058 more words

Mom Life

"i'm never doing this again"

…is what I said during labor while giving birth to Giles. And here I am, three months away from doing it all again.

Which seemed like a good time to finally finish and share this birth story comic.


Why I'm Having a Hospital Birth & Natural Induction Techniques.

It’s been a bit of a hectic couple of weeks, so apologies for the lack of content this past week! If you follow me on my social medias you’ll know I just recently got engaged nearly three weeks ago now so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind since then. 885 more words


Our Birth Story: 6/15/2018

If you follow along here, first of all, THANK YOU! Second of all, you’ve probably been wondering where the third trimester bumpdate went and why I have been MIA for a while. 606 more words


7 Common Misconceptions About Doulas

Although I haven’t been a doula very long, I have already noticed a trend… There are definitely some misconceptions out there. So for the next few minutes indulge me, as I break down the 7 common misconceptions that I have heard in my short time of being a doula. 666 more words