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Feeling Like a Fraud

It was a bad break and I spent the next few weeks in a London hospital. I had only been there a few days when the Red Caps arrived.  595 more words

Bill's War

Asylum phylum

Happy? Can be? You can. You be happy. You can be happy.
You can be happy.
Let yourself feel that.
No wallowing mire. Deserve happy. 222 more words


Help me, I don't know anything to do with medicine!!

Happy Tuesday Night everyone! My boyfriend’s doing a night shift tonight so I’m on my own in the flat which has been quite lonely (something fell over in the cupboard earlier which made a noise and I was too scared to go in the room for about half an hour afterwards- it sounded a lot like someone trying to break in okay?!) but it’s also meant I’ve been able to indulge in my guilty pleasures. 457 more words


Behind The Crimson Field.

This photograph from my collection came to mind last Sunday evening, when I was watching part one of “The Crimson Field” on BBC One, a drama about volunteer nurses in World War One, and I thought I’d post it up today. 61 more words


Blighty and A Blessing

During war-time, soldiers blessed the hospitals.  The clean walls were heaven to them; they called their nurses angels of mercy.  And they thanked god that they had been taken away from the fields of torn wire, mud and upturned, staring faces. 740 more words

In Cruel Universe [ICU]

Tonight I shall rest my eyes,
for tomorrow’s another fight.
Here and there are pleas for help
The loudest one comes from my chest.
I hear them all and serve my best…
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