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The Tory Government Has Denied QA Hospital Critical Funding!

All the different members of staff in our National Health Service are working so hard to provide the decent care we all need at different times in our lives. 454 more words


Labour's Great Plan To End Hospital Car Park Charges In England

On Monday 8th May, Jeremy Corbyn announced that Labour will end car parking charges at NHS England hospitals.

Labour intend to be able to do this by raising insurance tax on private healthcare to 20%. 463 more words


Excuse me, but we live here!

This one is a bit of a ranty post for anyone that’s had the misfortune to live somewhere with parking issues. You are not alone! 3,830 more words

AHS visitors may soon turn to cellphones to pay for parking

Alberta Health Services is looking at changing the way hospital users pay for parking.

Currently, users pay for parking via parking meters or at a pay station, but AHS is looking at pay-by-phone as an alternative service. 271 more words


'The city needs to address it': expanded KGH still having parking issues

If you live near Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) and are fed up with the volume of traffic, or if you’re going to the hospital and want better access to parking, you’re not alone. 401 more words


the bore of hospital

I have more floaters. They’ve appeared (or I’ve noticed them) in the last week. A horde of pinprick dots in the left eye. That means going to the eye clinic. 87 more words