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Hospital Placement 2017: Self Assessment

As I completed my hospital placement at Lakeridge Health in Whitby/Oshawa, I gained some valuable experience. I found it significant to learn how hospital pharmacy is run both at a smaller hospital in Whitby, and on a larger scale in Oshawa. 414 more words

Hospital Placement 2017: My Last Two Weeks

My last two weeks at Lakeridge Health Oshawa, I completed the following:


I helped check certain hospital floors for their iv bag stock (NAPRA 4). 755 more words

My life as an oncology pharmacist in a private hospital

Oncology pharmacist Davina Lau describes the intensity of working with patients who are having treatment for cancer.

Davina Lau is lead pharmacist, oncology, at London Bridge Hospital, a private hospital owned by HCA Healthcare UK. 1,164 more words


Five delicious and easy ways to blast at the belly fat

When you need to cut down your belly fat and look like a celebrity, the solution starts with the quality of the breakfast you take at the beginning of your day! 362 more words


5 Nurse Blogs That You Can’t Miss Out

Below are the top 5 nurse blogs in no particular order. They write in style, cut through the confusion and get rid of the unnecessary content. 125 more words


Time To Make A Difference, Opportunities For Medical Volunteer

Being a medical professional, you may have a unique sense of sympathy and compassion to help others and there is no doubt that your job teaches you to treat suffering humanity and help them to live a healthier life. 434 more words


Benjamin Franklin Statesman and Apothecary

Contributed by Blanche Ndifon, Class of 2019

Many people know Benjamin Franklin as one the founding fathers of the United States who helped write the most powerful document known in this country, the Declaration of Independence, but if asked, very few people will know a thing about his medical and science interests or of any contributions he made in the profession of pharmacy.  571 more words

American Pharmacists Month