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Prepared by: Bhagyashri Patil (DCP II)

Hospital Pharmacy

Follow the Money: Where the United States Spends Money on Healthcare

I’ve been curious about trends in health care expenditures both level-setting on the relative size of health care expenditures and better understanding the relative growth.¬† ¬†Reviewing the CMS National Health Expenditures data was helpful in understanding emerging trends within the health services sector, which ¬†accounts for $3.2 trillion in spend in 2015, or 17.4% of the US GDP in 2015. 412 more words

Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy

MCQ’s on Hospital Pharmacy

Prepared by: Vitthal Sarjerao Sonone (DCP II)

Hospital Pharmacy

Health Systems Patient Journey Map

Doing research into patient experience improvement and found this great visual of the patient journey

From: http://connect.impactmakers.io/solutions/thank-you-vT43.html

Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital Placement 2017: Self Assessment

As I completed my hospital placement at Lakeridge Health in Whitby/Oshawa, I gained some valuable experience. I found it significant to learn how hospital pharmacy is run both at a smaller hospital in Whitby, and on a larger scale in Oshawa. 414 more words

Hospital Placement 2017: My Last Two Weeks

My last two weeks at Lakeridge Health Oshawa, I completed the following:


I helped check certain hospital floors for their iv bag stock (NAPRA 4). 755 more words

My life as an oncology pharmacist in a private hospital

Oncology pharmacist Davina Lau describes the intensity of working with patients who are having treatment for cancer.

Davina Lau is lead pharmacist, oncology, at London Bridge Hospital, a private hospital owned by HCA Healthcare UK. 1,164 more words