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Complications after Surgery -- blame or improve?

The long and difficult training for surgeons often leaves them with little intrinsic drive to improve surgical care.  Anyone who has had to discuss surgical quality with practicing surgeons is lucky to leave the discussion without a fear of losing their job.   321 more words

Hospital Quality

Do Hospital Amenities Impact Quality Care?

According to a study at Johns Hopkins (2/1/15) improving hospital amenities improve patient satisfaction with the facility but otherwise do not improve satisfaction with care… 255 more words

Hospital Quality

Hospitals fail to stop IV fluids for CHF -- poor quality care

Hospitals are responsible to rescue patients from inappropriate treatment — especially when the need to intervene is obvious.   The hospital has a board of directors responsible for the care delivered in a hospital. 534 more words

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OM in the News: Checklists as a TQM Tool in Hospitals

How can we use the TQM tools in Chapter 6 to reduce deaths in surgery? One tool is a kind of poka-yoke called a checklist… 317 more words

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Is there any use in publishing surgeons’ death rates?

Today sees the publication of surgeons’ death rates on the MyNHS website (see Guardian and BBC stories). The website presents full lists of surgeons by specialty alongside either blue circles with a large ‘OK’ inside, grey circles with question marks, or green circles with ticks, to reflect, respectively, whether the surgeons’ risk adjusted mortality (or other significant morbidity) falls within expected limits or is a negative or positive outlier. 339 more words


Nurses on strike

Monday saw the first strike by health service staff in England and Wales for 32 years. This dispute surrounds the refusal of the government to implement a 1% pay rise recommended by the NHS pay review body. 787 more words

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