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Hospital Costs by State

Kaiser Health Facts has published the average per diem cost of a hospital stay.  Costs will vary between hospitals, but it is clear that some states are just more expensive than others. 703 more words


Choosing a Doctor, Revisited

In an earlier blog, I reposted the report of a speech by a senior physician regarding how he selected a specialist for his own treatment.  I added information in subsequent posts about issues to consider in selecting a doctor as that information became available.  402 more words


New Tools for Seeing Brain Injuries

One of the limitations on doctors ability to treat many diseases is the inability to see the disease.  That’s true with many cancers, where the exact boundaries of a cancer aren’t visible and isolated cell clusters can be missed entirely.  441 more words


The Unexpected Costs of Beating Cancer

Cancer is a scary word for most people.  The C-word — some refuse to say its name — in the past has meant lengthy treatment with poisons and uncertain results.  606 more words

A Doctor Turned Patient

The article referenced below appeared in Medscape today.  It’s the story of a fit and trim 60 year-old doctor who was blindsided by a heart attack. 212 more words

Medical Accountability -- a start

In the US, there are virtually no published records regarding how good or bad doctors, hospitals and nursing homes are.

Some areas of the country have the benefit of local surveys of medical practitioners.  420 more words


Sam Watson's journal round-up for 23rd May 2016

Every Monday our authors provide a round-up of some of the most recently published peer reviewed articles from the field. We don’t cover everything, or even what’s most important – just a few papers that have interested the author. 867 more words

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