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It's Been Awhile... 5/19/15.

So the last time you heard from me we had just got home from omaha and were getting ready for our garage sale. The garage sale went well and I attribute that to the lots and lots of help that we had to pull it off. 818 more words


Detour Signs: "You Have a Grape-Fruit Sized Tumor Inside You."

“You have a tumor the size of a grapefruit on your uterus,” the ER doctor told me nonchalantly before sending me home with prescriptions for pain & anti-nausea medication. 1,484 more words


Treasure Trove

Last month when I was home I wanted to get into Mom’s cupboard in the garage, but there was a motorcycle parked in front of it that I couldn’t move. 569 more words


A Day at the Hospital

Hey ya’ll! Let me tell you I am BEYOND exhausted! I have been at the hospital with my brother all day and staying the night with him at the hospital. 64 more words


I see Jesus

The past few weeks have been something of a whirl wind.

An infection sending my condition into a flare.. wrecking havoc on my ANS (Autonomic Nervous System). 1,162 more words

My 3 year old said " I can't talk"

A year ago my son said to me:

“mmmooooommmmiiii IIIIIII KKKKannt Taaak”

In February 2014 when he turned 3, I took him to get evaluated by the special child study team for public schools out of curiosity, because we have had some concerns. 967 more words

Hospital Stay

Kitty was under observation for 3 days in the hospital with round the clock care. As Tusk mentioned in an earlier post, the hospital room was very nice and comfortable. 289 more words