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The Healing Power of Comfort

My gut clenched as I stepped through the sliding doors under the bright Emergency Room sign. “My husband was brought here by ambulance; can you tell me where he is?” I hurried down the maze of hallways and curtained rooms, trying in vain to breathe some calm into my anxious body. 753 more words

Janet Stark

It Takes a Village

After four nights in a hospital, tonight my mom is sleeping in her own bed. Today was a pretty challenging day for both of us, and I’m glad it’s over. 633 more words

How Long Have I Been Here?

It’s not difficult to write about how long I have been in this hospital bed. It really feels like a full chapter in my life has gone by! 275 more words

Hospital Stay

Five Tips for Surviving a Hospital Stay

  1. Ear plugs, Headphones and other things to block sound. Likely you will share a room. When I was in the hospital I shared a room for two weeks and was alone for the last two weeks.
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Hospital Stay

How to Pack for the Hospital

I do not claim to be an expert in too many things, but with all of the time I spend in hospitals (and the medical bills to pay for this area of distinguished education), I proclaim myself as having a Ph.D.  821 more words


The Nerve Block

Nerve Blocks were my best frenemy when it came to serious acute pain management. A nerve block is an anesthetic injection that targets certain nerve groups through a small catheter. 268 more words

Hospital Stay

Things I Learned About Taking Pain Medication While in the Hospital

  1. Keep on top of your pain management schedule no matter what. Call the nurse if they are 1 minute late and ask for the nurse to wake you up if you are asleep at any hour.
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Hospital Stay