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Oh Baby...Packing for the hospital and getting ready for labor

Getting pregnant was the easy part; getting ready for the baby has been a bit more challenging.

Preparing to get ready for a new baby has proven to be overwhelming, at least for me. 1,398 more words

Tips for making a hospital stay easier

A trip to the hospital can be stressful for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia and their caregivers. Here are some ways caregivers can make a hospital visit easier: 74 more words


Plan of Care

The conditions affecting my babies are sort of complicated and detailed. They require certain protocols and procedures at different increments of pregnancy. I’m so used to speaking this language that I forget not everyone else has this built in to their brains. 1,196 more words

Hospital Stay

4 Women's

I remember my first few days on 4 Women’s. I had my monitoring three times daily which are called NSTs (non stress tests). They were my window into the world of my boys. 869 more words

Hospital Stay

Introduction to Inpatient

24 weeks came along and we had our regular fetal specialist appointment with all my stuff for a hospital stay in tow. It went normally and we had one more sonogram to check the babies’ growth. 839 more words

Hospital Stay

My To Do List

Once Gavin and I heard the words “inpatient stay”, we just looked at each other. That meant something to us. After I spent 5 days in the hospital earlier this year for a unrelated health issue, we had an idea of what it was like. 941 more words

Hospital Stay

So You Had a Preemie (Chapter 1)

Sometimes we know in advance that a baby will show up early. Sometimes they surprise us all and decide to bust into the world without notice way before we planned on saying ‘Hi’. 1,169 more words