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We Forgot Something

It was Thursday. We arrived unknowingly at our final day in the hospital. We had previously agreed that we didn’t want any visitors during this particular time, well, because it was when both of us would have to do one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done. 1,449 more words

Hospital Stay

If Love Alone Could've Saved Her

We finished up our first dinner in the hospital and shortly after our new friend Melissa returned and explained that she was getting ready to leave for the day, and that we’d be handed off to the night nurse. 2,472 more words

Hospital Stay

Health Update

I had an hospital appointment yesterday 22/1/16 for a check up on my arm from surgery on the 14th November.

Sadly I’m going to need another operation as one of the plates has bent 180 degrees which they think has happened due to my EDS and the fact I’m so bloody unlucky. 242 more words

Health Issues

We Are Family

We walked into the operating room a few minutes ’til three. They asked my husband to stand back a minute while they finished arranging the room. 1,622 more words

Hospital Stay

Not The Way We Imagined It

Still another Monday at the OBGYN, the doctor left the room, he told us to meet him in his office when we were ready. With help from my husband, I sat up from the horizontal state of horror on the medical table. 2,203 more words

Hospital Stay

How to survive a hospital visit

A couple of weeks ago, I ran across a class on how to survive a hospital visitĀ being held by OLLI at Granite State College so I decided to attend andĀ see what it was all about. 466 more words


Hospital Gown

When I was in labor with my first daughter, I was given an absolutely horrible gown. It was very large and had 2 giant holes in the front that I assume were made for breastfeeding. 424 more words