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It's All About Prep Work

I kept putting off updating the blog, mainly because been depressed lately.

It’s hard to keep being depressed, especially when things were on the up and up for the most part – I had started a job, I was socializing (okay that was hellish…so was the job too ’cause my schedule sucked, but what the hell, I am freakishly powerful so it didn’t matter that much…well, except for the fact that the job itself was terrible, but the state of teaching and students in Bangladesh these days is a whole different rant), and I finally had money in my pocket. 241 more words


The Long Stay

I debated writing this blog for a while. It is almost impossible to explain the effect on a parent of a long term stay in hospital with a poorly child. 1,036 more words


Rooming In

In this post I’ll discuss the concept of Rooming In. This is a new thing for most hospitals that has been rolled out in the past few years. 306 more words

Can I say bad words there?

As my six year old son and I were told less than a week ago that we would be going to live in a hospital 3,500 km away for a few months, I have been mentally bracing myself for some difficult questions he may or may not ask.   413 more words

Long Term Hospital Stay

Preventable accidents and coincidences: a few hospital stories

If we knew where we fall, we would put down a pillow to save us.

Sometimes, the guardian angel does this for us: I mean these situations when somebody is very unlikely to make it, but they do. 1,553 more words


The First Thing You Need to Know Before Running

I ran every weekday for a month, months ago.

It felt great!

Then I decided I liked sleep more than running and somehow I haven’t run a day since then. 428 more words

The Odd Bit

Recovery is a long and winding road

Surgery was January 20th. I am sitting here in my hospital room where I’m starting to think I’ll spend the rest of my life. The surgery was successful. 419 more words

Appendix Cancer