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Incredibly insightful and hilarious observations about recovery from major surgery.

In the hospital:

  • Make sure and have someone take a picture of you immediately after surgery while you’re still pain-free from that marvelous anesthesia and you haven’t seen the hospital food yet.
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Faith Journey

Hospital Bills-Shock & Awe!

Karen Curtiss is the founder of CampaignZERO: Families for Patient Safety, and author of Safe & Sound in the Hospital: Must-Have Checklists and Tools. Both resources share “insider tips” about what to say and do to get safe hospital care. 573 more words

Healthcare Support

[NICU awareness:] Our Birth Story pt. 1

In honor of September being Neonatal Intensive Care awareness month, I thought it would be fun to sit down and record the things we encountered before and after giving birth to the girls. 1,821 more words



If I thought parenting a special needs child was hard before, I was sadly mistaken. When something bad happens.. Hindsight becomes 20/20. I suddenly can’t remember why I ever complained about anything. 1,201 more words

Ten Tips for Surviving a Hospital Stay

I was recently in the hospital for 9 days and learned a lot about how to cope in medically-forced captivity.  I’m sharing my tips here as a public service, although I hope you never have to use them. 679 more words


Hospital Food: Why is it Sooooo Bad???

I just posted about my recent hospital stay and my ten survival tips.  Now, I just have to indulge myself in a rant about the food. 1,273 more words


God, a Stranger, and My Tears - part 1

Fast forward ten
years from the snowy day in December when I had that seizure. Yes, I can share much of what went on during those years, but I can’t. 685 more words

Marianne Petersen