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Hospital Bag: Take 2

Ahhh, the joy of having a baby – this is minutes after Teddy was delivered – look at me, happy, glowing, excited for this new life.   1,055 more words

Home but not better.


It’s a little misleading. In a lot of ways, I’m in worse shape now than I was when I got to the hospital — my immune system is shot and I’m even more anemic. 1,095 more words

My Kidneys Suck

Resident Parents

Yes, that is what we are called. Informally, you get allocated this badge by either:

  1. Being held hostage in a children’s ward for longer than one night…
  2. 805 more words

Ain’t no party like a hospital party!

I’ve had a good weekend! I had hella in-and-out-of-town visitors all weekend long; the peak of which was when Alex, Brittany, Aja, Elora, Bubs, and Rudy were all here Saturday night chillin like hanging out in a hospital room is a totally normal thing to do. 237 more words

My Kidneys Suck

I bit of a mixed bag this morning.

My creatinine is up, again, and my GFR is down again (to 16, eeks).

BUT! My hemoglobin and other good blood stuff is on the rise, 406 more words

My Kidneys Suck


Good fortune rains upon me today!

Yesterday was really hard, but it wasn’t all bad. Besides feeling shrink wrapped by own skin, I felt ok. My plasma treatment went smoothly, I took a nap, and I didn’t have to get a blood transfusion. 728 more words

My Kidneys Suck

not the best

It’s been a bit of a tough one for me today you guys.

All my Important Numbers are trending in the wrong directions again today. 624 more words

My Kidneys Suck