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My bipolar wouldn’t stabilise. It took us a few years of trying. There were two meds that actually worked. Depakine, which even without alcohol would cause me to need liver transplants every three years – the blood tests showed my liver hormone levels rising way too fast – and seroquel, which in small doses caused my hands to shake to badly I couldn’t eat soup, not to mention handwriting, and in large doses caused tardive dyskinesia. 1,533 more words


"You must be busy!"

It’s something I hear DAILY. One thing that every twin mom knows is the side show aspect of normal trips. I’m talking about the double takes, the second looks, the jaws dropping, and most of all the questions people ask. 2,106 more words

Hospital Stay

The 1 Thing I'm Not Good At Doing

I’m sure there is more than one thing in this world I’m not good at doing. At the moment this is the one that matters. … 560 more words

My Dribbles

Tips for Surviving Your Hospital Stay after Delivery

I was lucky to have given birth both times at a private hospital, which is a lot different from giving birth at a government hospital because of the period of time you stay at the hospital for recovery. 1,088 more words

I Know What It's Like To Have A Health Scare. How? My TMD Was Initially Diagnosed As a Brain Tumor...

…and things were super scary.

"Never tell me the odds." I got this.

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Survival Guide: hospital stays with a little one

Squid’s first hospital admission was when he was 7 weeks old. He was struggling to breathe and his oxygen saturation levels dropped to below 90% so he was taken in to be monitored and for oxygen if needed. 814 more words


Committed (Part 2)

On my first day of being at the State Hospital, I met with a lot of doctors. They do a full medical work up when you first come to make sure you’re physically healthy. 329 more words

Generalized Anxiety Disorder