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God, a Stranger, and My Tears

Fast forward ten
years from the snowy day in December when I had that seizure. Yes, I can share much of what went on during those years, but I can’t. 685 more words

Marianne Petersen

Wendy's Big "Mis"Adventure

Hi, everybody! It’s me… Colleen from silverthreading.com. I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that Wendy is going to be missing in action from her blog for a bit. 263 more words

Wendy Anne Darling

Items I Actually Needed After Delivery

Before my baby was born, I pinned for days. I was so worried I wasn’t going to be prepared for my three-day hospital stay. I was having a scheduled cesarean and I was so anxious. 778 more words


Ostomy O-Week Part 1!

So my aussie friend Laura over at stomalicious has held an Orientation for Ostomates on her instagram. This is by ostomates for ostomates but is helping raise awareness for those who maybe getting a stoma at some point. 1,051 more words


Sleep Study

I will be spending the night today in the Hospital, getting a sleep study done on me. I’m going to have tons of wires attached all over the place, so I really don’t know how much sleep they expect me to get being so uncomfortable and all. 39 more words

Mandos Story

Living with a colostomy is not always conducive to a type A personality. For almost two years, there was a smooth transition to life as a “Barbie Butt” (if I haven’t already explained it…it’s cute but not functional). 701 more words

051: Livingston General

This is not unusual Chelsi thought to herself. I’ve suffered from motion sickness most of my life. She was scrunch up in the window seat, her new friend Kate, a volunteer from Northern Provence, was seated next to her along the aisle.  2,297 more words