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How I lost 3 days

What is today? Friday the 27th I think.

What happened to this week? Where did it go?

You know how when you’re on vacation and all the days seem to blend together? 355 more words

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Let's try this again...

Yesterday was an incredibly frustrating day – I had a 1pm check in at the hospital for a 1-3 day monitoring and testing stay to figure out some  617 more words

Chronic Illness

Drama IRL, Part 5: Food and Its Effects

This was the kind of angiogram I’d heard of — and it scared me.

But the neurosurgeon’s next statement made me forget my fear. “You can’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight.” 1,211 more words


Two Hard Weeks (Weeks 7 and 8 of Consolidation)

Allergic reaction #1It has been an unusually difficult couple of weeks for us. I’m not sure whether I have the energy to write it all out, but I’m going to try to summarize the significant information. 1,798 more words


Sicky baby and hospital food.

I am probably one of the very few people who actually enjoy cafeteria food. When I was younger, I would wait with anticipation for the lunch bell to ring to go eat some delicious food. 211 more words

Today's Blessing

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

The shocks started at 6:50 am.

I wanted to text my husband at his hotel to let him know I had a good night and that I was awake.  1,588 more words