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Oh The Pain

I’m straying from my usual mental health ramblings with this post as I just wanted to get this off my chest. It’s quite a long story so I will start from the beginning. 1,242 more words


Giving Birth at St. Luke's Global: The Good and the Bad

St. Luke’s is widely known in the Philippines for being one of the best, not to mention one of the most expensive, hospitals. I claim to be peso savvy, and so you may ask why I chose to give birth there. 979 more words


In-patient VTD-PACE, last night.

So here we are, last night (knock on wood) of the in-patient portion of VRD-PACE. Yeah I’m about ready to go stir crazy here so good timing. 1,029 more words

Hope renewal

Note about the blog content: I will no longer post negative material (emotions, experiences, confessions etc.) on this blog, unless it is to describe my progress on my recovery. 1,299 more words

What happened??

Where am I now and where is everybody else?

I ask myself these questions so often that if anyone ever heard my internal monologues they would probably run for hills. 1,697 more words

By Jiali Fan

Music therapy as a new auxiliary treatment goes mainstream in hospitals and nursing homes, said Melbourne music therapists.

Dr Grace Thompson, the National President of… 359 more words


The Before.

Two years ago this night meant nothing to me.

It held no value, had no definition.

And now it’s an anniversary, a reminder of the last normal night I would have. 127 more words