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Munchausen Syndrome. Who, Moi?

They’re still working on getting me an appointment at the Stroke Management Clinic. Which is fine. Referrals can vary for time periods.

Sometimes you have to appear sick by the Doctors, sometimes healthy by them, maybe be their best friend, or kiss lots of nurses in the “Paperwork Closet.” 620 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

Parkinson Got Game...

Bill Myers

Washington, D.C.—Good morning, ProviderNation. Congratulations to all of you who bought Mark Parkinson stock early: On Thursday, the AHCA/NCAL overlord was named to… 426 more words

Call Poison Control!

Yes, more Bedbug crap.

I can’t get anyone to help me with my apartment that still looks like a garbage dump with all the millions of trash bags all over it. 669 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

Supplements Cause More Than 23,000 ER Visits a Year

More Americans are taking dietary supplements, and many are going to the emergency department as a result, according to a new study published by federal health experts. 601 more words

My Toxic Apartment

I was talking about Bedbug Treatment earlier. They run like crazy through our vents so if one person can get them, in can be a bloody Five Alarm Pesticide Fire for the rest of us. 1,218 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

Beyond Drugs:  Taking Other Risks in Oncology

In my prior blog post, I reviewed the challenges with asking oncology practices to take risk on drugs.  But drugs only account for 30-40% of cancer costs.  729 more words

Oncology Drugs

Not So Fast: Part 5 of 8

I had missed my 3-week vacation to France. I sorely needed a good, healing change of scenery. I decided Puerto Rico would be a vacation unlike most of our typical active vacations. 281 more words