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Tips for Hospitalizations 

Our son, Ben, has been in the hospital many times, usually I forget things, but this go round I didn’t miss a thing. This was a planned surgery, so I had time in advance to consider what to bring to make this hospitalization comfortable for both of us, and I pulled it off seamlessly. 464 more words

My Two Most Painful Procedures Ever

I’m exhausted.  Both my head and my body need a serious break.

Two new drugs. Side effects. One of the two pulled for several reasons. The last drug to treat the problems. 489 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

Been a While

Just mentioned on Twitter that I’ve got WP back up and running on my mobile. Hopefully more Posts soon?

I’m just starting Propranolol.  Been a month now and the side effects are kicking my ass off.   250 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

Confessions of a Schizoaffective Stoner

I once made it to a center divider of a highway on foot. When I got there, I had a blown out motorcycle tire around my neck (like a necklace) and I straddled and rode the cement center divider as if it were a mechanical bull. 226 more words

Off The Cuff

Binge Drinking: A Long Overdue Issue

Each year Bucknell spends countless hours and resources trying to decrease the binge drinking that takes place on campus.  65% of male students and 47% of female students report binge drinking within the past two weeks, which is notably above the national average and still much higher when compared to peer institutions.  414 more words

#4 Save on Your Smile (and Sight)

Save on Your Smile (and Sight)

Who needs Prada frames and a professional whitening job? Not you. The key to saving on dental and eye care: Know where to look. 416 more words

Say Goodbye to Negativity

Everyone has that one negative person that surrounds their being and causes havoc in their lives. Perhaps you have more than one. I was in isolation mode and became an expert at dissociating most of my life. 1,268 more words