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Absurd Ironies and the Creation of Psych Ward Reviews

I was frantically emailing edits to an article as I climbed into a taxicab. No, no, the Murphy Bill no longer really affects PAIMI, please take that out. 429 more words


Rambling Rants

I beg your pardon from the get-go.  I’m sleep deprived and tired.  Bone tired. I’ve been spinning my wheels all weekend caring for a child who is too sick to accept my care. 336 more words

Tips for Hospitalizations 

Our son, Ben, has been in the hospital many times, usually I forget things, but this go round I didn’t miss a thing. This was a planned surgery, so I had time in advance to consider what to bring to make this hospitalization comfortable for both of us, and I pulled it off seamlessly. 464 more words

My Two Most Painful Procedures Ever

I’m exhausted.  Both my head and my body need a serious break.

Two new drugs. Side effects. One of the two pulled for several reasons. The last drug to treat the problems. 489 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

Been a While

Just mentioned on Twitter that I’ve got WP back up and running on my mobile. Hopefully more Posts soon?

I’m just starting Propranolol.  Been a month now and the side effects are kicking my ass off.   250 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

Confessions of a Schizoaffective Stoner

I once made it to a center divider of a highway on foot. When I got there, I had a blown out motorcycle tire around my neck (like a necklace) and I straddled and rode the cement center divider as if it were a mechanical bull. 226 more words

Off The Cuff

#4 Save on Your Smile (and Sight)

Save on Your Smile (and Sight)

Who needs Prada frames and a professional whitening job? Not you. The key to saving on dental and eye care: Know where to look. 416 more words