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Temporarily turning blue sometimes normal for babies, doctors say:

It’s a heart-stopping moment experienced by many parents — they discover their baby has turned blue, is breathing irregularly, or won’t respond to a gentle wake-up nudge. 357 more words

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Becoming The Nurse You Want To Be By Making The Best Of Your Externship With A Preceptor: 412 more words

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Fox’s John Stossel: ‘I write this from the hospital. Seems I have lung cancer … Customer service stinks’: 320 more words

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Deadly bacteria infection spreads across Midwest, health officials search for source:

Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed one case of Elizabethkingia in a resident who died earlier this year. 307 more words

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Cleveland Clinic Makes An Important Step To Take Telehealth Mainstream. ~Fast Company

The brand-name hospital has partnered with CVS’s MinuteClinics and American Well.

By Christina Farr 04.13.16 8:00 AM

When most of us imagine a doctor’s office, we think of a windowless waiting room with few amenities except for a pile of out-of-date magazines. 114 more words


NY TIMES: The Undeniable Convenience and Reliability of Retail Health Clinics

Aaron E. Carroll


APRIL 12, 2016 – My wife and I both work. When one of our children wakes up complaining of a sore throat, we could begin a ritual stare-down to determine which of us is going to have to wait for the doctor’s office to open, make the phone call, wait on hold, schedule an appointment (which will inevitably be in the middle of the day), take off work, pick up the child from school, sit in the waiting room (surrounded by other sick children), get the rapid strep test, find out if the child is infected and then go to the pharmacy or back to school, before returning to work. 1,076 more words


RESEARCH: Health care retail clinics: current perspectives

Authors Kaissi A

Received 31 October 2015

Accepted for publication 17 February 2016

Published 31 March 2016 Volume 2016:3 Pages 47—55

DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/IEH.S88610

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