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The Patient Waiting Room Rethought

Photo curtesy of Joseph Babaian (@JoeBabaian)

Yesterday Joe sent this tweet asking the #HCLDR family their opinions on the opportunities for improving the design within the above spaces. 385 more words


Unbundling: the future of health and social care to 2035

The King’s Fund, a UK health charity ran a scenario essay writing competition, which I entered. I didn’t win, but here is the link and of course congratulations to the winner: ( 1,455 more words

Health Reform

Top News: #SugarAndNutrition

Here are the top read news for #SugarAndNurition:

If you have high cholesterol, the culprit may be sugar:

Sugar has a complicated relationship with cholesterol. But, simply put, if you eat more calories than your body needs to fuel daily activity, the excess is stored as triglycerides, a type of fat or lipid that circulates in the blood and makes up your total blood cholesterol number, along with HDL and LDL. 319 more words


Top News: Childbirth

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The hidden trauma of being torn during childbirth:

The problem of women being injured in childbirth has for years been exacerbated by poor diagnosis, improper care and an unwillingness to speak about the issue, experts say. 248 more words


Top News: HCAIs

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No one knows how many patients are dying from superbug infections in California hospitals:

On her medical chart, a doctor scribbled “CRKP,” an ominous abbreviation for one of the world’s most lethal superbugs, underlining it three times. 346 more words