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If you're going through hell

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on here. and for good reason.

In the last month I’ve been very sick, physically and mentally. And I’ve just felt the need to share this with anyone who it could possibly help. 3,076 more words

Day 1 - Telling the boys

Dawn finds us a place. A conference room, stolen from the administration. It is late evening, 8:00? 9:00? I don’t know the time. The doctor and a social worker and some others – white coats, hands folded on the table, looking at us with sympathy – training teaches them this. 603 more words


Day 1

Sunday, September 7, 2014; late afternoon

I pace up and down the hallway, praying, “Help us Jesus. Heal him. Please God help him, according to your promises and your Word.” Just minutes before, the neurosurgeon looked me in the eye as the elevator doors opened to take Andrew, a team of green-scrubbed medical personnel and the nurse who rhythmically squeezed the bag attached to the tube in Andrew’s throat, up to surgery. 2,148 more words



I’ve always hated hospitals.

When I was six years old, I broke my right leg jumping off of the roof of the house that my mother, father, and I had lived in during the Honeymoon phase of my childhood. 223 more words

The Mems Diaires

Waterbury woman who was killed in New Haven worked at hospital

NEW HAVEN — Police have identified the woman hit by a car and killed as she stood on a New Haven sidewalk this week as an employee of Yale New Haven Hospital. 91 more words


Mercy Street's Mansion House Hospital

By Stephen J. Greenberg

Mercy Street, the popular PBS series now entering its second season, tells the complicated story of a U.S. Army hospital during the… 955 more words


Little Lalay

The kids from House of Hope in the Southern Philippine Medical Center will always have a place in my heart. I’ll always feel the need to help them and I will always be here, ready to feel bittersweet all over again. 1,304 more words