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Crisis in Australian Hospitals, Death Toll Rising

This man’s name is Scott. Scott Morrison. This man is a coward.

This man has blood on his hands. The blood of innocent Australians.

Please do not be fooled by that cute smile, that dis-arming smile, that smooth as honeycomb smile. 135 more words


What Lyft and Uber are really bringing to hospitals

Earlier this month, I received an interesting email. It was from an organization offering comment on the new Medicare Advantage rules. These emails are not unusual. 1,629 more words


The Trump Administration Wants to Take the Mystery Out of How Much Hospitals Charge Patients

New proposed Trump administration regulations aim to make how much hospitals charge patients more transparent—a continuation of federal Obama era initiatives to pull the curtain back on the… 310 more words

Donald Trump

Why I won't apologise for being overweight

by Louise Hope CN: psychiatric medication, psychosis, psychiatric hospitals, allusion to suicide, mention of clothes sizes, body image, depression

“It’s not fine to be fat. Celebrating obesity is irresponsible.” 1,153 more words


Hospitals may soon have to post prices for patients online

Hospitals may soon have to post their standard prices for patients online, under a proposed rule unveiled Tuesday by the Trump administration.

Also, the administration is seeking comments on how to stop so-called surprise billing — when patients are charged after unknowingly being seen by out-of-network providers — and how to give patients better information about the out-of-pocket costs they will face. 358 more words


City Hospital

Our latest project is underway, as we bring you a large Acute Hospital for The Sims 4.  Built on the former Von Windingburg Estate, this large Hospital has everything your poorly Sims need. 264 more words