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Old Habits Die Hard

Old habits die hard, and evidently so it goes with old science.  The Internet is filled with tons of information both good and bad. The pitfall seems be that unlike the most recent edition of an old-fashioned print encyclopedia, you cannot be certain that the information you’re viewing on your computer is indeed the most recent information available. 572 more words


August Contest: Character Creation With A Twist

Why, hello there! I didn’t mean to disappear this month, but how can I help it when I’m forced to go on a top secret mission to Russia? 517 more words


‘Doing something good’: Champion arm wrestler wins young fans at Shriners Hospital, too

More often than not, kids will see beyond Alex Jigalko’s Fabio-like blonde locks and notice his bulging biceps and sinewy forearms and challenge him to a test of strength. 1,160 more words


Abortion...I was there in the beginning, Part 2 by Betty L. Arthurs

Abortion…I was there in the beginning. Part 2 by Betty L. Arthurs

Looking back over 40 years later, it seems impossible doesn’t it that I, happily pregnant, was helping to care for, along with other pregnant co-workers, mothers killing their babies? 378 more words