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Absence makes the plants grow faster

Next to sunshine and warmth, the best thing to help a growing garden along its way is not to constantly watch it, or so I’ve found in the past few weeks as I’ve dashed straight from Derbyshire to Portugal to Cumbria with barely a second to draw breath or do any laundry. 1,194 more words


A few garden photos

It’s always lovely to watch the garden starting to come to life in the late spring.  Our garden is small, mostly tubs and pots with a couple of small raised beds, we’re in the middle of a city but we’ve created a small place that give us a pleasant place to relax for a couple of hours.   112 more words


Plants for a Shady Corner 2

Plants for a small, shady corner.   Even on this scale, bold foliage makes a welcome contrast to the delicate pattern of smaller leaves and flowers.  Later the hostas will probably be a mass of holes, but for now the leaves are fresh and perfect.   14 more words

Plants For A Shady Balcony

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme is MOTION. I was able to capture a green anole (Anolis carolinensis) scuttling across a hosta leaf. 82 more words


In Search of the Elusive Super-Blooming Garden Plant

I don’t know my diploids from my haploids or my tetraploids. But I do appreciate a perennial that blooms like crazy. And when it comes to garden favorites such as clematis, lavender, hosta, tall garden phlox and oh, so more it’s all about the tetraploid. 470 more words


Cheeky Snails

My friend James just sent me this cheeky chap! I guess snails are pretty cheeky, especially when they eat your plants! I heard that their favourite plant to eat is a… 35 more words