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Let nature take its course

I was unconcerned when I first noticed an infestation of aphids on seedpods of the Swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata, below). What harm could be done to this vigorous native? 461 more words

My Garden

From Flower to Seed

Today I took a quick trip to the lotus pond in early morning, when it was still not too hot. The flowers were mostly gone, with fewer than a dozen left, like this one below. 99 more words


Yard Miscellany

Back in early May when the doctor told me I was in early Alzheimer’s she didn’t tell me about the side effects of it. Side effects like nausea, dizziness, bad taste in my mouth, lack of appetite and forgetting a word now and then. 106 more words

Nature Tidbits

Welcome to my Garden

I love my garden. I find gardening both therapeutic and relaxing. I enjoy creating and nurturing things. Gardening gives me the chance to do both. I’m a keen gardener, but I don’t always get things right. 544 more words


Flaunted Freckles

Happy in the shade,

Hostas flaunt sunshine freckles.

Summer dry wears on.