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Fall is a Good Time to Design Next Years Garden

When you look outside and start to see the Fall colors in bloom, most people think of Halloween and Fall clean up. As a Landscape Designer being my first trade, I think it’s time to start designing. 475 more words

The first coolness of September

Following late July surgery, an initial bout of boredom drove me outdoors in the worst of summer’s heat. Heat and sweat soothed the soreness as I bent and weeded, stretching the surgeons’s instructions more than a bit. 546 more words

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Summer Blooming Flowers 9-20-2016

He was always late on principle, his principle being that punctuality is the thief of time. ~ Oscar Wilde

No need to be punctual in seeing what I found blooming in… 119 more words


Sporelings in odd places

While I would not for a moment describe it as invasive, or even aggressive, sporelings (baby ferns) of Japanese Painted fern (Athyrium niponicum var. ‘Pictum’, below)¬†are common in the garden. 432 more words

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Duluth Lakewalk Flowers

After a recent visit to the Duluth Rose Garden I walked back to Canal Park along the Lakewalk. There were flowers blooming all along the lakewalk. 10 more words

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Sad hostas

The heat of summer is likely to bring out the worst in any garden, and certainly one without irrigation. After an unusually hot August with barely a trace of rain, the garden is a bit more haggard than most years, though I don’t believe any permanent harm will come of it. 480 more words

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