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Tulip Planting Season in the Hornbeam Walkway

Doesn’t seem like yesterday when I was last planting tulip bulbs. This year has passed by so quickly.

Although I leave the tulips bulbs in the ground every year, very rarely do they reappear or naturalise. 380 more words

My Work

Deer in the autumn garden

With a one acre garden chock full of flowers, berries, and leafy treasures, I am pleased to do my small part to feed the neighborhood wildlife. 391 more words

My Garden

Cold World

Refugees from the

world of warm. May no others

feel the bite of cold.


The Front Plot Revamp

This morning after having a conversation with my daughter while I was staring out the window I noticed that the small border in front of the house was getting more than a little messy. 766 more words


It Hosta Go!

Ok… Bad puns aside I had a little time in the garden today to clear out my now finished Hostas. I would have liked to have done them last week only our next door neighbour has had some work done on our shared chimney so they had to put scaffolding up across our shared fence, a bit on either side and because I ain’t stupid I didn’t want to go working around it as, knowing my luck, it would all fall down around my ears. 293 more words