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Johnson Enters a "Skyscraper" in Official Trailer

Dwayne Johnson is ready for action in the upcoming Skyscraper and the trailer has arrived.

Johnson plays Will Ford, a former war veteran who now works in security for the Pearl, the most advanced and safest skyscraper in China. 64 more words


Witness: B'nai B'rith siege

this afternoon (tuesday 6th), 12.04-12.16pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated from march 2017 on bbc world service radio)
paul green: the b’nai b’rith hostage siege (presented by simon watts) (in the witness series) 67 more words

Stop Taking Hostages

A female Honolulu Hawaiian cop once said on a television news show regarding the apprehension of a Samoan rapist: “I’m here to tell you that if you rape somebody and then ask them out on a date, I’m going to be the one answering the door when you knock”. 180 more words


Make a Deal With the Devil: This is an actual contract offer written by the Devil.

Thank you for not killing Hera. That is Satan himself you are defying. This is Kodiak talking in the story below. He is Jimmy Comet, and here he very obviously is offering a  1,331 more words

Humans Go Missing Everywhere, Incl. Many Children at Halloween. Where to? "New World Order" Says Reporter (#Satanic #Illuminati)

This video points out that humans have been mysteriously vanishing for the past couple of years, hundreds and thousands of them. In fact many since this video, because it doesn’t account for the new opportunities created by the Earthquake in Mexico, Fires in California, and Hurricanes in Texas and Florida. 379 more words

Man hijacks Greyhound bus, threatens to kill everyone on board

The man led police on a four hour chase that ended near the Wisconsin-Illinois border around 10 p.m. Friday, finally being stop by two sets of spike strips deployed.


Panda Club rapists and torturers choose a new victim among the women blogging about hiking. They can track you. (#Pizzagate #Pedogate #Travelers #Illuminati #PandaClub)

I’ve been explaining the Panda Club of pedofiles and rapists ever since Jimmy Comet’s Instagram was published chalk full of “panda” images and “panda cumhole” references. 144 more words