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Operation Thunderbolt

Title:                      Operation Thunderbolt

Author:                  Saul David

David, Saul (2015). Operation Thunderbolt: Flight 139 And The Raid on Entebbe Airport, The Most Audacious Hostage Rescue Mission in History… 936 more words


Two Malaysian hostages found safe in Philippines

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

MANILA: Two ailing Malaysian seamen held hostage by Filipino militants for eight months were found Thursday (Mar 23) aboard a boat adrift off the southern Philippines, the local military said. 299 more words

Current Affairs

Illuminati Leaders: "The Wedding is Off" - The Greys (& Reptilians) Call Off Their "Taco Tuesday" Attack on Hera & the Human Race. Their Message Decoded.

Note the image of an Illuminati soap opera character flashing the “Devil’s Horns” hand sign. We recently moved some of our alien attack related decodings up to the front of the blog because we are decoding much more chatter recently about a planned alien attack and we wanted to get your attention. 2,649 more words

Illuminati Pizzagate Player Queen Bee's Reign as Corinne on The Bachelor - Summarized and Decoded

That Mirror-Mirror image is more than Corinne’s delusional Fairy Tale, it’s also an Illuminati reference. To the Illuminati the mirror symbolizes “As Above, So Below… 3,692 more words

Nick Viall's Dad: "Speak of the Devil." Final Notes on the Illuminati & Pizzagate Leader Kodiak's Reign as The Bachelor

The above image of “Lapland” is where The Bachelor shot its final episodes. We’ve posted numerous times already about how Illuminati leader Kodiak, a Grey alien by the way, is posing as Nick Viall on The Bachelor. 1,616 more words

Lizard Lou (Dobbs) Debates Us Live Via Previously-Recorded Video (Time-Machine Style). (Illuminati Greys)

We were just looking at MarinoDelfino’s most recent excellent lizard footage and stumbled into Lou Dobbs and his lizard friend trying to bully us off of this You Tube video LIVE, while we were watching this previously-recorded tape. 1,449 more words

Is the Pizzagate Illuminati Grey who is Jimmy Comet also the Delphi Dad? Is Delphi real or another Sandy Hook? Ask "Steve Barber," making coded threats to us in YT comments about the Delphi murders.

That photo is a “Delphi Dad.” Below are some of the Comments that go with a You Tube video link in this post. If you want to try and figure out Jimmy Comet, or learn to decode him, please see the comments below, or perhaps try questioning him over on You Tube. 7,136 more words