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2017 Travel Bloggers Summit on Study Abroad & Global Citizenship NYC

I first heard about studying abroad during college when I went to interview the director of my school’s program for the student newspaper. While I don’t remember much of what we talked about, I do recall getting excited over the places as a student I could go to – Ireland, England, Spain, and Italy. 687 more words

Hostelling International

The Land of Fire and Ice

Me and my brother have just returned home after the most unbelievable trip to Iceland, known as the The Land of Fire and Ice, and for good reason. 139 more words


A casual review of the HI San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

After a very brief stay in the HI Downtown San Francisco branch, we decided it was about time we upped sticks and moved on…to a different, cheaper hostel, in the very same city. 1,140 more words


A casual review of the HI Downtown San Francisco 

Our first hostel stay in San Francisco was for three nights at the HI San Francisco Downtown, and I’ll tell you for sure it was a good’n. 882 more words


Climbing the Ladder

Hey guys!

My name is Dragriffin and welcome to today’s topic:

Climbing the Ladder.

First off, I took the picture featured here back in February 2017 while I was on a trip for work in Vancouver. 938 more words

Saving Money in Scandinavia: Copenhagen

The final leg of our trip!

I’ll start off by saying that travelling with your bestie is amazing and fun and hilarious, but not without its “moments”. 1,886 more words


I think I'll go to Boston.

This is long.  Get yourself a cuppa cawfee.

I had a bad morning one day in June.  Nothing life-altering.  Just a woke-up-late, no-clean-laundry, dropped-my-phone-in-my-coffee-cup type of bad morning.  2,890 more words

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