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An Empty Hostel -Horror Movie or Heaven?

We’ve all seen those horror shows or movies; you know the ones, where the main character wakes up after an extended period of unconsciousness, usually in a hospital, to find that there is no one else around.   820 more words

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Travel Budgeting 101.

Yes, we all know how great, enlightening, inspiring blah blah travelling is, but none of that really matters if you can’t afford it! So, I have made this short guide to what I think is the best way to help your budget stretch when travelling no matter what size it is. 735 more words


Chengdu chill #blogjune 27

245am before we finally crawled into bed after foolishly booking late flight, which was delayed, then half an hour in taxi line before picking lunatic driver who said yes, yes, yes and took us in the wrong direction 😭 … 262 more words


China farewell #blogjune

Languishing in Nanjing airport. Blog June has fallen by the wayside as I’ve frantically raced to pack, ship, trash, clean, book flights, trains, hotels, cars, arrange gifts, attend farewells and send ‘last emails’. 223 more words


The Truth About Hostelling

So far, C and I have mostly been staying in hostels.  My only experience of hostelling wasn’t great and consisted of staying in a 20 bed dorm room; it was too hot, everybody snored and there were vomit covered sheets in the hallway! 679 more words

Round The World Newbies

Review: Green Tortoise Hostel (Seattle)

I’ve written before about staying in hostels as a less-expensive, more enveloping option to travel housing, but the Green Tortoise in Seattle warrants its own review. 526 more words

How to Survive a Week in Alice Springs in the Height of Summer

“It’ll be hot up there.”

Sue told me, sweat already dripping down my back on that fine 36 degree Adelaide morning.

“You won’t have the sea breeze to cool you down.” 5,349 more words