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Scottish National Trail - the Great Cape Escape

One of the most baffling aspects of planning the Cape Wrath Trail, with which the Scottish National Tail culminates, was working out how to get off Cape Wrath and back home. 2,439 more words


Paradise Found

Our arrival on Barefoot Kuata was far from idyllic. The celestial weather man had clearly, in his confusion, muddled Fiji and North Oxford and this empyrean error left us exposed to the elements as our little boat cascaded onto the shore in a torrent of sea and rain water.   1,484 more words


Scottish National Trail - peat, pizza and panic.

Day 30, May 10th, Shenavall to Clachan. As dawn broke, I was the first to slide out from among my fellow sleeping bag sardines and slip quietly out of Shenavall, but I did so in good spirits; once everybody had settled into their most comfortable roles and identified their most compatible conversationmates it had been a companionable sort of place. 4,436 more words


A casual review of the HI Downtown San Francisco 

Our first hostel stay in San Francisco was for three nights at the HI San Francisco Downtown, and I’ll tell you for sure it was a good’n. 882 more words


Scottish National Cape Wrath Trail - how confusing!

Having the luxury of retirement, I went and hiked the whole Scottish National Trail in one go, fairly slowly. However for walkers without five weeks to spare, the trail splits quite neatly into two ‘halves’, each of roughly two weeks, on either side of an additional three days in the Cairngorms… 3,250 more words


My 5 Worst Hostel Experiences

Since 2014 I have been reviewing every hostel I’ve stayed in on TripAdvisor. Since then, at least, I have stayed in 23 different hostels across Europe, so I hope that that figure gives an impression that I (to some extent) have an idea of what I am talking about, and this list is intended to be humorous. 845 more words


Climbing Preikestolen 

Right you guys…I was pretty lucky the other day, and I’ll tell you why. We’ve now been in Norway for around two months, it’s the height of Summer, and despite that we’ve mainly had two months of solid freezing cold and/or drizzle. 1,125 more words