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Enemies of the Dorm: Backpacker's guide to survive sleeping in dorms.

There are, of course, many benefits to sleeping in hostel dormitories – first and foremost that is is up to 10 times cheaper than staying in a hotel, opening up the possibility for extended travel.   1,398 more words


Reunions, food, and singing

So I’m currently on my flight from Brunei to Burma as I am so behind on updating my blog. In Canada I only did maybe one post a week but I’ve been doing so much that I’ve been writing one for each three days! 1,406 more words

Hostel life

My final full day in Hong Kong I used to relax a bit and didn’t rush off anywhere in the morning. I wandered over to the Chi Lin Nunnery which was a few metro stops away. 757 more words

Christian strippers & other roommates

“Hey, could you turn the music down a bit or use headphones instead?”

It was 3:00am and I craved sleep, but Kristen had other priorities. She had arrived back to our hostel dorm an hour earlier, and had since done nothing but blast r’n’b and scroll through her phone, cackling maniacally at things that must’ve been pretty fucking funny. 1,792 more words


The One With Immigration and Toronto

Written: 28/8/16

So I made it! I’m actually now just shy of a week in Canada, but I have yet to make it to Ottawa. Instead I’ve been lucky as hell tourist-ing in Toronto for a couple of days and then getting a lift to my flatmate’s place in Prince Edward County for the night before heading on to the capital. 1,957 more words

Diary Posts

An Empty Hostel -Horror Movie or Heaven?

We’ve all seen those horror shows or movies; you know the ones, where the main character wakes up after an extended period of unconsciousness, usually in a hospital, to find that there is no one else around.   820 more words

Round The World Newbies

Travel Budgeting 101.

Yes, we all know how great, enlightening, inspiring blah blah travelling is, but none of that really matters if you can’t afford it! So, I have made this short guide to what I think is the best way to help your budget stretch when travelling no matter what size it is. 735 more words