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Pay Attention To The Signs

A little poem to keep you all updated; cryptic as it may be, you decide the interpretation.

Stuck in a rut with nowhere to go, this is not how the journey should flow. 94 more words


Byron Bay Nomads Hostel Review

The Nomads yet again did not disappoint. After staying with them throughout my trip to New Zealand two years ago I decided to continue with what I know In Australia. 133 more words



Since I interrailed last year and never really summarised my experience on my blog, I thought a Top Ten Tips post (alternatively titled ‘Caitlin’s Top Ten Interrail Mistakes’) would be a fun post idea, especially since I’m… 1,312 more words


Felice Asia - Camping, Hostelling, Barbeque, Fine Day Guesthouse, Gyeongju, Korea

Keywords : Camping, Barbeque, Fine House Guesthouse, Gyeongju, Korea

Date : October 2014

Place  : Gygeonju, Korea

29 October 2014

All of a sudden, there was a chance to visit Korea Busan and had to arrange accomodation in a rush.    358 more words

The 100th Anniversary of the Great Christmas Truce

I was thinking about what to write my father in his Christmas letter and decided to write of the Christmas Truce that happened in the trenches of WW I. 967 more words

Getting into Hostelling: A Beginner's Guide to Hostels

There are so many articles out there about there about hostelling. (And here I am contributing to that number – real original right?) “Who You’re Going to Meet at a Hostel”, “Best Bang for Your Buck Hostels”, “Things They Don’t Tell You About Hostelling” are few examples of what the titles might look like. 592 more words


City bound for the night.

Tonight Im staying in the city (because I had a school meetup and didnt want to travel back home so late at night, I have school the next day so I figured I’d just go home then), at one of my most favorite spots, which is the downtown hostel. 211 more words