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Fae Hostel in Minca

In the fantasy novels I read, there are parties in worlds run by the fae that people enter and never leave. They come for a time, by accident or on purpose, and then they get stuck and never leave. 672 more words


My Current Mood

Is kinda like this landscape: too cold for life, too hot for life, weird, and ever-changing. I cried AGAIN when I got to the blue lagoon. 309 more words

8 struggles of living in hostels

As you know hostels are for short term accommodation. That’s why they are cheaper and smaller than hotels. And kind of uncomfortable. Of course, those places are great for meeting new people from different countries or having fun nights with a group of friends. 551 more words

Art Student

Backpacking Europe | The Budget: Part 2

THE BUDGET  [ Part 2 / 3 ]

There are some things that just can’t be missed, and a good glass of wine on a rooftop bar watching the sun set over the Red Light District is one of those things for me. 364 more words


Bus Hostel Reykjavik

You can chill here, use free (GOOD) wifi and buy an endless inexpensive cup of joe until your check-in time which is 3pm. The staff isnt over-friendly, in fact, they remind me of asheville servers, the “wtf do you wannnnnnnnnt?” attitude that is pervasive over there now. 366 more words

New Generation Hall OF Residence

Hostel Name : New generation Hall of Residence.

Location : Opposite 1500 Lecture Theatre Pds. Underg G.

Running pipe borne water supply.


Close to the University… 11 more words


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands, is famous for its coffee, historic architecture, canals, and one of the first places to smoke marijuana legally!  Many travelers, including young backpackers, come here to sip on coffee, wander the red light district, tour art museums, relax in beautiful parks, hangout in outdoor cafes, enjoy the history, and love life while they’re here.   1,277 more words