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Down the Rabbit Hole: Planning and Research

What was one of the first things I did when I got back from my foreign exchange two years ago? planned my ultimate European travel experience.  460 more words


Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh like an amateur.

This is what happened when I decided to be a ‘real backpacker’ and take a trip to Ho Chi Minh from Phnom Penh with very little preparation… 703 more words

Hotel Alternatives: Lodging Fit For Any Budget

Aside from the airfare, accommodation is the next component that eats up a lot of your budget when traveling. And because sleeping on the streets in most cities is considered illegal, and I reckon isn’t that comfortable, here are other alternatives¬†on how you can travel without blowing your budget on lodging. 729 more words


Modernising the bed and breakfast

For those of you familiar with the term “bnb” congrats, sit back and maybe just skip to the next paragraph. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, here a basic explanation of what BnB is and it’s function. 1,093 more words


What I've Learned About Travel - Part II

I left Vancouver 5 months ago today. And it has been just over 4 months since I left Canada. It hardly seems so long. I have settled into a routine with my travels. 270 more words


Reasons to do it alone.

When I tell people that I often travel alone, they look at me as if they’ve seen this:

Like, it straight up scares people because they don’t know what to do with a solo female traveler (or unicorns). 700 more words