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Staying at Hostels in Europe

Gone are the days when one had to book hotel rooms without knowing any details from suave travel agents. There are now a plethora of options and even a plethora of aggregators for all the options. 793 more words

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The Sri Lankan Story - Part 1

Welcome to the Sri Lankan Story – Part 1. Here is our whistle-stop tour of our not-so-recent adventure to the stunningly beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka. 2,936 more words


Salzburg 🇦🇹

Of course I was going to go see where The Sound of Music was set and filmed! But man, it’s not cheap.

To save money I stayed in Munich longer – as I wasn’t paying for a hostel there – and made a day trip to Salzburg! 188 more words


Munich 🇩🇪

Not a bad journey from Berlin to Munich, 4hrs on a good train with good WiFi.

I’m actually staying with a friend while I’m here, so it’s less sightseeing and more spending time with her and seeing what she’s been up to for a year. 102 more words


What to Do if You're Sick Abroad (and uninsured)

Getting the cold or the flu while abroad can disrupt your plans. After some rest, plenty of liquids, and maybe some medication, however, you should be on track again soon. 668 more words



I’ve told you many times this summer in my quotes to get out and go somewhere .

I’m doing just that.

It’s another 30 Plus Teams Tour, which means it’s time for another edition of What’s In My Suitcase . 398 more words


Eating in Berlin

The Bowl –

So this place is vegan, and although I’m not vegan I like to eat a lot of vegan food. It was so friendly here, not the cheapest place but not expensive by any measure! 108 more words