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Flying Visit To Adelaide

After leaving Kangaroo Island on Wednesday (so badly didn’t want to leave) I’ve spent a fleeting two days in Adelaide before I head up to Uluru on Saturday. 986 more words


Planning the Matka - Journey

A bit of warning for the beginning. This post is a bit boring and mainly informational. Readers advice recommended ;)

The most important item for your travel. 396 more words

Foreigners Suck

I’m not going to hide behind some sort of façade, I’m going to clearly tell everyone: I’m horrible at this blogging thing. My posts are sporadic and wordy. 1,932 more words

“Travel. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”- Battuta

One thing you need to realise is that you will always crave that feeling of adventure, spontaneity and freedom. Try your hardest to keep reliving this feeling as much and as often as possible. 786 more words

Sobre Hostales y la concepción errónea que se tiene de ellos

A las casi tres semanas de haber regresado a mi país después de lo que fue la mejor experiencia de mi vida, una de las preguntas más frecuentes con las que me he topado, seguida de la clásica “¿cuál fue tu lugar favorito?”, es, acompañada de una cara de asco y repulsión: “¿cómo te atreviste a quedarte en hostales?”. 920 more words


Hatters hostels. Manchester

If you search for hostels in Manchester, all hosterbookers websites immediately direct you to Hatters on Newton street and Hatters Hilton Chambers. Both hostels have such specific atmosphere, that it might impact on your liver, especially on Saturday nights. 364 more words


Guayaquil: A Tropical Paradise

Ok, maybe “Tropical Paradise” is stretching it a bit. But Guayaquil has such a bad rap that I felt I owed it to this not-so-bad city to help boost it’s ratings. 1,855 more words