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There's some very good news for Twinkies fans

Hostess Brands has engineered a major turnaround for the snack cakes brand, meaning Twinkies are likely here to stay.

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has bumped the iconic snack brand’s debt rating from “B-” to B,” … 142 more words


Breathing with Laughter Yoga and Marva Greenleaf

Breathing is fundamental to good health. It is responsible for almost all the oxygen and energy supply. Scientific studies have shown a direct connect between… 71 more words

Laughter Yoga

Soon You'll Be Able To Shove Hostess Chocodiles In Your Face Again

When we were but spry little Consumeristlings eating all the sugary treats of our youth, the Hostess Chocodile stood on its own, not merely as a chocolate-covered Twinkie, but as a unique, chocolatey thing to shove in your face. 207 more words