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Amazing Discoveries In the Guest Bathroom (1 of 3)

As I was cleaning the bathroom after some guests recently left, I discovered why we rarely have repeat visitors.

No poufs.

I hereby promise to read the instructions on our guest provided toiletries from now on so future guests won’t be disappointed as they scour our bathroom for a pouf. 19 more words


Let's stop being so price sensitive about hosting

Over the past decade of dealing with clients, I’ve dealt with a lot of misconceptions about website hosting. I’ve dealt with all of the major hosts, and many of the minor ones. 673 more words


Domains- what is it and how do I get one of those?

This is an easy concept to understand and it just takes explaining because domains and hosting are not normal, common sense topics. This is the VERY FIRST step you should take when creating a website because it will make your life infinitely more simple if you start your work in this domain instead of having to transfer your work over. 255 more words

Videogaming and house hosting (Portuguese Edition)

This is my original post rewritten in Portuguese.

Quando você possui uma coleção de videogames em sua casa e são de hospedagem para os visitantes interessados em videojogos, é pouco aconselhável que você jogar estritamente videogames single-player; Quando você tem esses visitantes te ver jogar estritamente videogames single-player, eles vão perder o interesse em visitar a sua casa; Além disso, é desrespeitoso para jogar estritamente jogos single-player na presença de visitantes que querem jogar videogames com você. 53 more words


Videogaming and house hosting (English Edition)

When you own a collection of videogames at your house and are hosting for visitors interested in videogaming, it is ill-advised that you play strictly single-player videogames; When you have such visitors watch you play strictly single-player videogames, they will lose interest in visiting your house; Furthermore, it is disrespectful to play strictly single-player games in the presence of visitors that want to play videogames with you.  48 more words


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Our Website Development Service

Regarding our Website Development Service, as of now, since Scibercast is a small team and not a company. We aren’t yet able to give hosting. 28 more words


Baby Shower Menu

Over the weekend, I helped host a baby shower with my mom! For the menu, we decided to do a waffle and yogurt bar since this went-over well for my best friend’s bridal shower last summer. 292 more words