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Baltimore defamation suit against Marilyn Mosby to move forward

H/T Hot Air.

I hope to see Marilyn Mosby broken humiliated and in jail for her defamation of these police officers.

The long, drawn out battles surround the Freddie Gray trials in Baltimore may seem like a distant memory at this point. 544 more words

Stumping Earnest: Say, why didn’t Obama eject China diplomats over OPM hack?

H/T Hot Air.

I think the reason Obama did not expel Chinese diplomats is simple he shares China’s goal of destroying the American economy.

We all know we owe or economic souls to the Chi-Coms. 659 more words

The Best Intentions...

The best intentions don’t always come to fruition. Once this would have sent up stress and tension, now I take a more laid back view. There is, after all, something very artificial about making resolutions on a certain date, which you promise yourself you will keep to for the rest of the year, regardless of what life throws at you, good or bad. 447 more words


How many is a Brazilian?

I don’t like to make political statements;
I don’t, I don’t. The Hill I don’t!”

A line of dialogue suggested the fictitious events of the Michael Bay-adapted ‘Transformers’ would define the legacy of George W Bush.

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Blow-Ups ... Impressive Maybe -- 'Til You Unplug 'Em

It may be said of virtually any bizarre aspect of our increasingly confusing approach to Christmas, “There’s a blow-up for that.” Those inflated outdoor decorations have become another ubiquitous addition to the brightly lit American landscape heralding the arrival of the Christmas season. 920 more words


balloon animals (20161213)

a room full of
transparent balloons
bouncing off one another

sometimes the static
electricity joins them
together but the air
conditioner will blow
–maybe gently, maybe not– 31 more words


... Why a Sanctuary City ?!?! [#San Francisco][#Francisco Sanchez]...

.. because the lilly – livered liberals and socials wanted to create a haven for illegal immigrants . They do not want them to be deported at all . 70 more words

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