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Candidates orate
Promises proliferate
Hot air obfuscates.


The Balloon Operator

This cowboy of the sky is complete with mustache, wide-brimmed hat, and rugged gloves. This sunny September afternoon was the perfect time for aeronautics; today, not so much.


... Why a Sanctuary City ?!?! [#San Francisco][#Francisco Sanchez]...

.. because the lilly – livered liberals and socials wanted to create a haven for illegal immigrant . They do not want them to be deported at all . 70 more words

Personal Opinion

... I support Kate ' s Law [#Bill O ' Reilly][#the O ' Reilly Factor][#Talking Points Memo]...

.. I fully and completely support Bill ‘ s proposal ..

.. Bill has proposed Kate ‘ s Law , a bill to deal with criminal illegal aliens . 95 more words

Personal Opinion

Pats Airing It Out in Denver

DATELINE:  High Winds

As we live and breathe, the air in Denver has its own pressure. In some circles, it is expected that Peyton Manning has been sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber in the mode of Michael Jackson. 241 more words

Sports Humor

The Hot Air Man

I can only sit and sigh –
It seems the hot air man’s come by.
For all he talks of this and that,
It amazes me he isn’t flat.