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'Quod me nutrit me destruit'

College cancels protest supporting black students after black students object to it being called by white students. https://t.co/4ddCGPZWTG

— Jazz Shaw (@JazzShaw) November 12, 2015…

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Unisex facilities: Where else but California

“They’re going to entirely unisex bathrooms to avoid insulting any ‘differently gendered’ students, by golly, and they’re starting with the elementary school.”

Well, now, all those jokes about seeing girls’ underpants will now be passe’. 46 more words


You Should Attend the Carolina Balloon Festival

Our morning at the Carolina Balloon Festival was awesome to say the least!  I have never seen so many balloons in the sky at once.  If you ever get the opportunity you must attend.   39 more words


Jesus Did Not Say That We Must Be Instrospective


Oh, how we love to do post mortems on ourselves, endlessly examining our actions and motives in case we have offended God! 1,593 more words


Hot Air: Meg Rosoff and the Diversity "Problem"

By Heather A.

**The opinions expressed here and other places around the internet are mine and do not reflect those of my employer, family, friends, inanimate objects that may become sentient, or plants.** 601 more words

Heather Allen

Guns are not the problem: My story

This is from Hot Air.

Every time a tragedy like the recent one in Roseburg, Oregon takes place there is a knee-jerk reaction to blame the gun. 1,029 more words

Hot Air: Gender Bent Twilight. And It's Not Fan Fiction

The big news Tuesday was the announcement of a new Twilight book from author Stephenie Meyer, just in time to commemorate the original’s 10th anniversary. 197 more words