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Hot Boys Challenge - White and Grey

(This will be a very short entrance with mostly pictures because I am really on a break but I vowed to do this so I have to. 312 more words


Hot Boys Challenge: Green And Pink Are Pretty Together

Yet another Friday has come and we have two new boys to drool over. Pink was a no brainer this week. I have had this beautiful boy on my screen on my iPhone since I bought it over a year and a half ago. 656 more words


Hot Boys Challenge - Brown And Blue Makes...

Oh sweet cookie, it is once again Friday. I have realised something. I often do that, realise things. This weeks realisation is; a lot of mediocre looking main characters have brown hair. 614 more words


Hot Boys Challenge - Blackie & Blondie

Today is the day we kick off the hair color weeks. Yup, for the next, I don’t know how many weeks, it will all come down to what color of hair our crushes have. 544 more words


The Hot Boys Challenge - Supernatural and Psychological Crushes

Another week, another two hot boys. Supernatural and thriller/psychological is on the menu today. Let’s see what hotties I can come up with…


Well, supernatural is as easy as one two three. 786 more words


The Hot Boys Challenge - Sport Crush And Fantasy Crush

Day three and four are already here. I was certain I had longer to ponder about this but time moves fast when you need time. Ah well, I had almost decided on my sport boy but then it hit me; I should use him in a another category maybe. 428 more words


The Hot Boys Challenge - First Crush and Supporting Character

Well, Arthifis and Mel are doing the 25 Days Anime Male Challenge and I figured that why not, so here I am trying to figure out my babies. 576 more words