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The Royal Wedding - What Else?

My takeaways from the larger than life event:

England looks amazing. I need to go to there…

Brits pronounce the letter “H” hay-ch as opposed to the Yanks version ay-ch. 273 more words

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Poison's Pandering

If it’s not you, it must be me…

If the universe is expanding, why do I feel so claustrophobic?

At least I can get a star named after me and listed in the International Star Registry, but I don’t know, it all seems so impermanent. 146 more words

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My Word

I almost ruined Family Night when my son trolled me out of nowhere.

“Btw, my friend says Shibseki doesn’t mean Fuck you. He should know. 542 more words

An Honest Discussion

I would like to try to start an honest discussion, about why we as country/society don’t seem to be able to have an honest discussion anymore.  1,174 more words


Trump Nursery Rhymes

Inspired by bg trashcanbard: the-creation-of-shit-holes

If shitholes were airplanes

Outhouses would fly

If tax bills were watches, my arm would drag by my side

And if “SIGs” and “GOPs” 72 more words


Winter in America

It was 3-deg Fahrenheit as I drove to work this morning. Snow is coming tomorrow. Once we get past the holidays I have no use for winter. 769 more words