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I Understand

But I don’t agree.

Often (being a social addict) I get to talking to people both in person and online.

Often people I know and love. 260 more words


Hot Buttons - The Value of Selling to the Emotional Need

Customer’s buy products and services for emotional reasons. While they may have a “need” the real power is finding out how that issue is negatively impacting their life. 1,011 more words

Hot Buttons

How to: Deal with Difficult People (part 1)

What makes a “difficult person” difficult? It could be that they do something that is thoughtless, or selfish, and the effect of that action on you is “difficult”. 469 more words

Facing The Giants


Too Hot Too Trot

And no I’m not talking about horses. LOL

Lately I feel like too many people like to push my buttons. It is so disruptive and people go out of their way to do it. 343 more words


The Secret to Knowing What Your Customer Wants

A Critical Step in the Process

The “Listen to Needs” step is a critical point in the sales process because the information you learn here helps you tailor benefits and build personal value in the product or service you’re selling. 374 more words

Hot Buttons

Do you have any hot buttons? I do....

Yesterday morning I was waiting for a client to arrive.  At the time they were due to arrive (and they hadn’t), I called to make sure they were almost there, since we had to then drive to the actual appointment where someone else was waiting for us.   403 more words


Hot Buttons

Having a hard and rough day after somebody pushed your “hot button”?

Are you clenching your teeth and fists right now and thinking of how you hate that person and deciding to get even at him one of these days? 525 more words