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Risky Love

Loving him
was like walking barefoot across hot coals.
Digging into the piles of embers
(the surface was not flat enough)
I could feel the heat slipping inside… 54 more words


Wiener Roast

What’s the difference between a wiener roast and a hot dog roast? None!! My sister and¬†second brothers were older than me. When I was ten or eleven, they were in the youth group at our church. 277 more words


To The Coffee Lovers

Armenian/Turkish Coffee

Coffee was found as early as 15th century today many countries enjoy drinking different kinds of coffee. Armenian method of making coffee has been around centuries. 210 more words

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Braai Time

A beautiful evening in PawPaw Valley means time for a braai…

And so concludes my photographic theme for the week – “Barbecue”!

Photograph Your Year

TRUE CONFESSIONS Of A Swe(et)ish Immigrant Living In The UK (Part 2): "I HATE carpets..."

You’ll rarely see me walking around barefoot in my house (or anyone else’s for that matter)… If you do, I’ll probably be skipping like Ace Ventura, skipping over his opponent on the hot coals in the ‘fire challenge’ (only I’ll be going “ick, ick, ick!” Instead of “oh, oh, oh!”)…


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