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One Second

What is the shortest memory span possible? If I am remembering this right, I think I may have just experienced it.

Honestly, I forgot something one second after it happened. 306 more words


438 // a meditation on hope // #poemoftheday

what is hope,
but an unwavering confidence
in Love’s faithfulness,

a tempered optimism,
that stares down the darkness
and reminds it that
it cannot win the day. 60 more words


Destructive Fire

You take fire in your bosom, will your clothes not be burned?
Drink from another man’s well,
And end up in the dark cell,
Where souls are tied and bonded, 111 more words


Wiener Roast

What’s the difference between a wiener roast and a hot dog roast? None!! My sister and┬ásecond brothers were older than me. When I was ten or eleven, they were in the youth group at our church. 277 more words