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Two new songs that you have to listen!

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Hot Coals

After the departure of Jade Castrinos, it was hard to predict where the sound of this LA band was going to flow. 186 more words


Johnny 5, Hot Coals and My Brain = A Hot Mess!

A few years ago I walked across a bed of hot coals. At first I thought the idea was ludicrous, hokey and rigged somehow, so it required a couple days of solid mental re-framing in order for me to even consider doing it. 516 more words

Think About It

DAY 258: Let Go Of The Hot Coals Of Anger

YOU are the sole creator of your life. Nobody else has the power to create YOUR life, but you. Not your parents, not your spouse/partner, not your job, not your bank account, not your friends or relatives; you are the one creating your experience. 143 more words


Have you ever eaten steak cooked directly on hot coals? See how it's done

(WITI) — Have you eaten a steak cooked directly on hot coals? Well, one chef has been doing it for two decades and he’s going to show us how this morning. 45 more words


Try our Signature Hot Coal Facial Treatment!

This weather getting you down?
Warm up with our
Signature Hot Coal Facial
“The warmth brings out the toxins to the surface and the fire burns them away, all organically”. 15 more words


18 Days Blogging... 20 Followers... 1 Bad Day.. 

Today is day 18 of my beautiful blog. Today, however, has been a really crappy day.

I’ve been a little under the weather this last week and today was extremely stressful at work – I spent most of the evening fighting back the tears if I’m honest. 526 more words


Hot Coals

Revenge is overrated

It shackles our souls in chains and makes us slaves to our emotions. The passion to do someone else harm is a service to our flesh. 1,409 more words