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Kuju Pocket Pourover Coffee

Experience the quality of a coffee shop pourover anywhere you can find hot water and a cup with Kuju Pocket Pourover Coffee. These highly portable pouches are filled with 100% Direct Trade coffee and contain a brewing filter that attaches securely to most any cup. 35 more words


Hot Coffee vs. Cold-brew Coffee

With living in an apartment this summer, I have had the opportunity to embark on a coffee-inspired journey in which I brew various types of coffee. 990 more words


Easiest Coffee Ever Brewed

There are so many variables that go into brewing the perfect cup of coffee. From grind to measurement to keeping open grounds fresh, a lot can go wrong when brewing at home. 61 more words


Does Cold Brew Coffee Contain More Caffeine Than Hot Coffee?

There’s a common misconception about coffee and its caffeine content. Folks seem to think it exists in higher quantities in places where it doesn’t.Espresso, for example, is often touted as being the strongest coffee drink to order (but it isn’t, if you’re judging by serving size). 53 more words

Cold Brew

Pass the cream and the cannabis coffee, please ...

Hitting the market soon is a new type of coffee pot… or, more to the point, pot coffee. In the wake of California’s legalization of medical marijuana and its green light for recreational marijuana use, San Diego tech-oriented entrepreneurs have come up with a new wake-up call: cannabis coffee pods. 45 more words

Hot Coffee

Cold Brewed Coffee Is Probably Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Many people thought, and continue to think, that cold brewed coffee is simply a fad.  They may think that it is riding the coattails of iced coffee, which is riding the coattails of virtually every over-sugared milkshakey coffee out there. 395 more words


Out Your Mind

Check your personal responsibility at the door. That’s what one Florida woman did, and now she’s 100-grand richer.

The woman successfully sued Starbucks after she spilled hot coffee in her lap. 98 more words