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Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee will systematically dismantle every preconceived notion you may have about “frivolous lawsuits.” And then it will show you how you’ve been manipulated by a sophisticated and well-funded public relations machine. 378 more words

Rage in the Drive Thru

I went to McD’s this morning to get burritos and biscuits. They have one of those double driveway things that I hate. I almost went inside but it was cold and I didn’t want to get out of the car. 475 more words

Best Coffee Finds

I am a coffee lover, there’s no denying that. I motivate myself with coffee, no matter the time of day, morning, afternoon or even evening if I need to spend the next couple hours doing homework or studying. 440 more words



Five Beans of COFFEE.

Coffee is a very interesting topic to discuss about. I am more of a coffee person than a tea person. Coffee has the depth and the darkness which tea lacks.  690 more words


Do you like your coffee hot?

Remember when McDonald’s was sued for serving coffee too hot? They eventually settled with the plaintiff, paying her $2.9 million. That story went viral on television (the internet was in its infancy). 433 more words


an Australian epidemic: Coffee snobs.

Coffee in Australia isn’t the same as it is in the States. What we call  a “medium regular hot coffee” actually doesn’t exist. Anywhere.

american coffee and a donut. 750 more words


Greg Chiapello - Hot Coffee

Brisbane based artist and Hey Geronimo / Montpelier collaborator Greg Chiapello has released his debut single “Hot Coffee” in the lead up to a national support slot with the electric  84 more words