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Man Sues Starbucks After Being Burned By Coffee

This police officer suing Starbucks says he “never wanted to be on YouTube.” Hear him in his own words.

A North Carolina police officer is suing Starbucks for serving him an uber hot cup of coffee — the lid popped off and spilled only to his lap, WRAL… 126 more words


Police Officer Sues Starbucks After Spilling Hot Coffee on Himself

A police officer in North Carolina is suing Starbucks for $50,000 after he apparently spilled a free cup of coffee on himself.

In the latest… 128 more words

Police officer sues Starbucks after spilling coffee, burning himself

RALEIGH, N.C. – A Raleigh police officer who got a free cup of Starbucks coffee is suing the company for $50,000 after he spilled it and got burned. 107 more words


5 Reasons why we love coffee

I believe that coffee is something that either you love, either you hate; not really in between. I believe that coffee is sent from the gods to help us deal with this world and make our lives easier. 292 more words


Out of Coffee! No!

I have started a gofundme campaign to get some coffee for the betterment of myself and my children. If you love coffee, or if you love children, or if you love children and coffee, please, donate to this worthwhile cause. 9 more words


4 A.M. and counting
the clock is pacing the coffee pot’s growl
and the darkness outside matches the aroma
the dark smell of the brew… 58 more words