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Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck - Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, Toronto - May 15-30, 2015

HBO Documentary Films

Written and Directed by Brett Morgen


Review by Vanessa Markov

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck is a brilliantly successful attempt to get behind the eyes and into the head of the late… 376 more words


Hot Docs 2015: Peace Officer

Scott Christopherson and Brad Barber’s new movie, Peace Officer, is nothing if not timely. The documentary takes a harrowing look at the increasing militarization of the police and the devastating effects of excessive police force. 503 more words


Hot Docs 2015: Breaking a Monster

We’ve all seen the familiar arc of a rising musician in so many film biopics that you can probably recite it along with me: The musician toils in their humble beginnings, uses their talent and determination to get noticed, finds success (usually compromising their artistry at the demand of The Man along the way), gets caught up in a world of excess, watches their professional and personal world crumble as a result, and –if they’re lucky – makes it out alive on the other side. 508 more words


Iris rocks!

The name Iris Apfel has been mentioned in previous blogs and if I were allowed only one word to describe the ninety-three-year-old style icon it would be… 771 more words

Doc #2 - Thought Crimes

When Google searches found on a computer, include:

  • “How to make your own chloroform”
  • “Human meat recipes”
  • “Best rope to tie someone”

What can that mean? 508 more words


Hot Docs Interview: Nancy Prebilich and Morgan Schmidt-Feng talks about ON HER OWN

ON HER OWN was one of the documentary films that really moved me. It is a great example of how strong people can survive in the big jungle of life; where only determined person will go as far as possible to keep their dreams alive. 1,621 more words

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Hot Docs Interview: Tonje Hessen Schei talks about Drone

War. Deadly weapons. Death. This is all the aftermath of declared war, or undeclared war around the world that could have been easily prevented if a small group of people with big ambitions would give up on the idea of creating a dangerous weapon, such as a drone, which can be deployed while sitting in one part of the world, while targeting another. 741 more words

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