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Moving On Up

Life Update: We moved!

Well, mostly. Everything but the bed, so.. not quite there yet. It’s going to be an adventure moving our king size mattress on the roof of my honda civic up a mountain.. 317 more words

Random Thoughts

WTF: Middle East Shows America How to Do Pizza

Pizza Hut always has some crazy kinds of crust, but in the UK they have Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza and today I learned about Pizza Hut… 241 more words

Stephen Quammie

Three Ways To Know That You've Gone Too Far (2012)

1. The road ran out.

2. That 2nd red light turn, was miles behind.

3. You are eating a hot dog stuffed crust pizza.


To nix-

The latest mix.


Pizza Hut Hates America; Offers Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza Only in Britain

Pizza Hut has unveiled its newest concoction, a pizza that features a crust stuffed with a hot dog. A single, unbroken, circular hot dog encased in a pizza crust. 199 more words

Food News

Pizza + Hot Dog = OMG!

Believe me, it’s not in anyone’s best interest to learn what they stuff into hot dogs.  But, when you start stuffing hot dogs into pizza…NOW, I’M LISTENING!  96 more words


Hot Dog Pizza?

Just when we thought that Americans couldn’t get any less healthy in their food fascinations, this delicacy turned up in the UK.

Pizza Hut has taken junk food to a whole other level, by introducing their… 137 more words



I am nearly speechless.

Notice I said “nearly”.

Just when I think the dumbest idea in the world has already been thought up (and usually acted upon), there comes this: 108 more words

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