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Au sujet des boissons, chaud c’est hot, lorsqu’il fait chaud. | ALENA KIRBY

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Nous le savons tous. Il y a toujours quelqu’un qui nous propose le nouveau cocktail vedette de l’été, celui qui changera notre vie – ou qui rehaussera l’atmosphère de notre soirée. 164 more words

Alena Kirby

Cinnamon Hot chocolate + mashmellows

What is happening to the weather in Nairobi? Imagine Winter without the ice, its freezing cold, especially yesterday. Every- part of my body was “at least warm unlike my ice cold fingers. 285 more words


Review of Harney & Sons Master Tea Blenders Earl Grey Tea

I am always on the look out for new teas to try. Whilst in London this week I thought I would push the boat out and order a pot of earl grey tea. 230 more words

Lactose Free

Review of Knightsbridge Ceylon Tea from Lidl

On my ongoing mission to find new teas to try I found myself in a Lidl supermarket. I have tried a couple of their teas and reviewed these on my blog and to be honest I’ve not been that impressed. 293 more words

Lactose Free

Hot Stuff? No Thanks

In these modern times
of multi-tasking convenience
it’s only right to combine
purposes for a meeting.

A lunch must be working,
a break calls for coffee, 196 more words


Learning to love green tea (well 'love' might be pushing it!)

I’ve never been a hot drink drinker, from childhood I just never liked the taste of tea or coffee. I do have the occasional hot chocolate but even then I have to really fancy it. 445 more words


An Infusiasm For Tea

Unlike me, my other half is not a coffee drinker. When I first met her, she mostly consumed diet cola, but she’s moved on from that phase and will now indulge in hot drinks like a proper adult. 562 more words