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Russian berry kisel

I don’t know how it is where you are, but it already feels like autumn in England where it always feels like autumn. So my plan for the day it to stay in, preferably under a blanket, read good books and drink nommy hot drinks that seem to warm you from the inside and give your lips little hugs. 246 more words


Cacao Hot Chocolate

Although technically we are meant to be at the peak of British Summertime; you know, full of sun and bike rides and drinking cider in a lovely beer garden, sadly as per usual the summer seems to have vanished today. 238 more words


French Chocolate + 2 more / Fransk Sjokolade + 2 til

3 recipes from “Best Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes”
published by Walter Baker & Company in 1931

Text from the booklet:

Beverages – Steaming or Frosted – … 142 more words


Butterbeer / Smørterøl

A recipe brought to you by food52 via Harry Potter’s univers

Butterbeer (yes! from the magical world of harry potter!) is meant to taste “a little bit like butterscotch.” This version is nonalcoholic, so kids can have it too, but for an adult butterbeer you can replace the cider with Woodchuck hard apple cider and add a few glugs of spiced rum for good measure!


Bloat-free Tea 

A bloated belly can completely destroy your plans and mood like no other. What do you do when you’re supposed to be somewhere, be it a wedding or event where your dress needs to fit in perfectly? 220 more words

Hot Drinks


I love a good hot chocolate and also a delicious spicy Chai tea so I combined these two concepts into a delicious dairy free hot drink that is comforting and nutritious. 116 more words

Winter. Is. Here (And it has been for a while)

Yep, I know. I’m kind of a bit late on the whole ‘Ohhhh, Winter. Let’s blog about it’ bandwagon, but shush.

Anyway, I wanted to share my favourite recipe for Hot Chocolate (And it’s Vegan-Friendly). 171 more words