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Basic Tea

It’s tea time! Who doesn’t love a cup of tea?

For a basic cup of hot tea, I’m probably using a bag. (I’m super fancy.) First, the most important step is finding the right mug. 168 more words

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Basic Coffee

This is a basic post that’s me testing the waters. We all know how to make a cup of joe, right? Probably. There are weird folks out there that don’t drink coffee. 68 more words

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Tugboat Tea - Honey Tea Review

Check out Tugboat for their range of tea and coffee! Fun fact. I’ve tried one of their coffees recently. Its good stuff! However, I am not a coffee reviewer, but I thought I’d give a shoutout to you coffee lovers! 155 more words


Four Reasons To Still Drink Hot Tea In The Summer

Iced coffee and refreshingly sweet iced teas are the quintessential go-to drinks when temperatures start to rise. A hot drink on a sweltering summer day might sound ridiculous, but health enthusiasts and, even science, suggest that it can have some surprising benefits. 402 more words


Coffee Consumption

Coffee consumption around the world is being drunk to inject a quick shot of caffeine in the morning. Today, coffee is at its finest with coffee roasters having access to a wider variety and fresher harvested beans, cafe’s can sell really good coffee. 118 more words

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The Best Part of Wakin' Up (aka: Coffee Time!)

In the beginning, there was coffee. And the coffee was black and bitter. Then someone said, “Let there be cream!” And there was cream. And later, someone else discovered that sugar made coffee sweet and delicious. 591 more words


Urban Coffee Company - Latte 


A beautifully made Latte using a roaster in Cornwall in a laid back independent cafe


What is it?:¬†A single shot of coffee with two-thirds milk… 82 more words

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