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So this week, my mom, my sister and I did a juice cleanse. Actually we’re still doing it. It’s the final day.

It’s been interesting but not exactly fun. 103 more words


You Can Buy a Clip-On Man Bun For Just $10

There are two types of men in the world:  Guys with MAN BUNS, and guys who make fun of guys with man buns.

But apparently there’s a third group:  Men without a man bun who secretly wish they had one . 277 more words


"Hot Dudes in Bed" Is the Sexiest Instagram You Should Be Following

You know what you need more of in your life? Hot dudes, shirtless, lounging in comfortable beds. But those are sadly rare to come by IRL — and when you do find one, they’re always, like, asking for a snack ugh — so luckily there’s this new Hot Dudes in Bed Instagram account to satisfy all your ogling needs. 603 more words

Love & Lust

Hot Guys On Instagram: Magic Fox... Giving Magic Mike A Run For His Money

By Bex: @bex965

Magic Fox… the reason why Instagram was invented.  I’m trying to figure out what’s more perfect… his body, jawline, facial hair, style, sense of humor (I assume he’s funny)… just all of him. 344 more words


No Worries Marvel, I Have Your New Wolverine!

Well the internet has been freaking out lately since Hugh Jackman essentially hinted/confirmed that he is essentially retiring from his stint as one of the hottest superheroes alive, Wolverine, after his next movie. 200 more words


#MCM- Alfie Enoch

Mondays suck. Back to early wake ups, work, and responsibility. Who wants to do all that? Well, to help you (and me) get through the day, I’ve decided to start posting fun Monday Man Crushes. 56 more words


Are you following Ashley Parker Angel on Instagram?

Despite ample peer pressure, I continue to feel no desire to post selfies and food photos on Instagram. I will admit, however, I’ve regularly started checking the social network to take in the selfies and food photos of friends and famous people. 200 more words