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For the Ladies

Warning fellas, this one is for the women readers. Mind you, if you have a 40-something-50ish woman in your life, maybe this would be an enlightening read… 968 more words

My family and my vagina

In all my life, I never thought that would be the title of anything I wrote. My kids came from it, my husband is always trying to get in it, so yeah, my family has a relationship with my vagina. 855 more words


My lovely lady lumps

After three long months, I finally get into the gynecologist. Now this specific doctor was recommended to me by a wonderful woman I work with, my best friend, and my GP. 303 more words


Best waiting room visit, ever!

So, I finally had my Gyno appointment. It only took me 3 months to get in, as a new patient. (Mine retired.) They give me the clipboard full of papers and I sat down.  828 more words


Hot tub does not equal hot flush/flash!

Over the past four days I have conducted several experiments to determine whether owning and using a hot tub would have a detrimental effect on menopausal symptoms. 181 more words

Blog Posts

Introducing Stream of Consciousness Saturday

I have less than twenty minutes to make my blog post or I will have to drink and type.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I have sipped and typed many times. 252 more words


The "Hair-dish-on" is back...... already!

Doug left for his trip to Egypt today. This would be his second attempt to see Egypt; the first time was via cruise but the stop was removed due to the turmoil that was going on there at the time. 1,226 more words