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The "Hair-dish-on" is back...... already!

Doug left for his trip to Egypt today. This would be his second attempt to see Egypt; the first time was via cruise but the stop was removed due to the turmoil that was going on there at the time. 1,226 more words


I'm so Hot

It has been my experience that once you hit your thirties, if you ever say that you are hot, some older woman is probably going to ask if you’re having a flash. 512 more words


One-liner Wednesday - Well I never!

I never knew that Christian Grey could set off a hot flush/flash!

I think this post is safe for work… depends on your interpretation and where you work I suppose! 402 more words

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Sex at 40

Sex after 40

Okay, so for those women that have an incredible sex life after forty, I’d respectfully request that you keep that shit to yourself. 766 more words


The Day my Vagina Turned on Me!

Okay, let’s be clear, here. When I refer to my vagina, I’m talking about all the attached bits from the ovaries to the vulva. The whole kit and caboodle. 410 more words


hot flash

It’s a woman thing — and as far as I can tell, different for each woman. But, that’s half the adventure, right? Learning by trial and error? 46 more words

National Haiku Writing Month

reconciling the hormones #50

First there was calm.

Then there was coffee.

Then there was more calm.

The birds tweeted.

And then there was a lurch.

My heart started to pound. 47 more words