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Possibly a Pre-5K Run

I actually wrote part of a blog post while at work today (um, on a BREAK, not while working), but then I came home and went running, so I thought I would like to make a Running Commentary Post instead. 766 more words


A Run in the Rain

After a perfectly good run last Sunday, I took five days off.  In my defense, I’m in a play.  I know, excuses, excuses.  I would remind you that few of us accomplish all that we could or would.  594 more words


Unexpected perk...

I’ve been enjoying a new, unplanned perk of retirement and being home. I can take a quick shower after one of my drenching hot flashes!! Previously I could only turn a fan on me while teaching. 50 more words

I'm falling over for Fall

Yup, it’s here. Not sure why the leaves are still green, but Fall is officially here.

Can you tell that i’m doing somewhat of a happy dance? 228 more words

Random Thoughts

Pilot The "P"

5 Simple & Sexy Habits To Cope With Perimenopause

The dreaded “P” word no woman is looking forward to – Peri-menopause! Nearly every woman makes her way through this transitional time and each woman has their own way of making her way through the fiery inferno.  921 more words


Waiting For Rain (and hot flashes)

Despite the fact that I only returned from Down Under a month ago the never ending heat in the Village is sending me a little… 491 more words


Metglip and hot flashes

Is this normal? I take my pill? Eat dinner, 2 hrs later I check my blood sugar, go to bed, and start experiencing hot flashes. Well, maybe it’s more like … My skin feels hot, starting at my face and working its way down to my feet. 28 more words