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Super Bowl Ad Roundup!

So in case you didn’t hear, the Baltimore Ravens took the Super Bowl XLVII title, besting the San Francisco 49ers 34-31. Ray Lewis was emotional, Beyonce diva-ed it up, and there was a delightfully surprising break in play when the Super Dome lost power and everyone who cares about seeing the ads AND the game could take a nice breather and have a bathroom run. 527 more words


Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 22: Daniel Conn

Yeah yeah, so I might be a little stuck on Australian rugby players. But can you blame me? After being introduced to Kayne Lawton, I ended up on a two hour long tangent that led me to several other um, delightful looking young fellows, and given that it’s almost Christmas, I can’t not share this. 76 more words

Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 15: Derrick Rose

Alright. I have a crush. I haven’t really been a big NBA fan, but after attending my very first game on December 7th at the shiny new Barclay’s Center to see the Golden State Warriors take the Brooklyn Nets down, I’ve decided that I both enjoy basketball and should pay closer attention. 63 more words


Hanukkah Hunks Night 7: Ilya Grad

Again. I reiterate. If there is a hot, shirtless Jewish male athlete, I will find him. Assuming you aren’t a Muay Thai buff, meet Israeli champion fighter (and sometimes model) Ilya Grad.


Hanukkah Hunks Night 6: Merrill Moses

Water polo? Merrill who? Don’t worry, you can always leave it to your girl buffalita to find hot, shirtless Jewish athletes no matter what sport they play. 63 more words


Hanukkah Hunks Night 4: David Beckham

Ok, ok – I know the Ladies… have already featured Becks as an Advent Calendar hottie back in 2009. But ever since my conversion and renewed interest in finding hot athletes that light the menorah with me, I was delighted to discover that Mr. 133 more words


Hanukkah Hunks: Night 2

What would a Hanukkah Hunk post group be without some London olympic swimming eye candy? I give you champion freestyler Jason Lezak for night two. 39 more words